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Kai Rose is one I reach for at least once a week. It gets four stars, not five, because there isn't much development. It smells like roses over white florals pretty much start to finish. It's not too heavy, not too light, and doesn't offend - which makes it an easy scent to wear. And the roses - nothing chemical about them. IF you ran across this scent in a garden, you'd stop and smell the roses.
By   - Admin from Springfield MA on 5/31/2021
Wow!!! What a gorgeous perfume!!! This rose scent is very concentrated and has a lot of depth and intensity but at the same time it's very smooth and lush. When I'm wearing it I feel like I'm wrapped in a cloud of roses. There's nothing artificial about this scent. You really do get the fragrance of roses.
By   - Musician from Hawthorne on 5/22/2020
I ordered one of my favorite Kai roll on oil perfume and a bottle of lotion in the same. I received a sample of the Kai Rose! Oh My! A new favorite for me! It is just a lovely fresh scent! It is indeed Kai, but with a sweetness of a fresh understated heirloom rose. A rose picked from an early morning garden when the dew is still present on the petals. Nothing more appealing to the senses quite like that. Kai has done it again... and even better this time! I'll be a buyer! Sincerely, J. Scott
By   - Retired Nurse  from Bulverde on 3/17/2019
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