Rose of No Man's Land

Eau de Parfum


Rose of No Man's Land Sizes Available:
50ml $175
100ml $260
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Rose of No Man's Land...
Lovely fresh, light, natural rose scent. Quite feminine and subdued. No surprises, but if you are a rose lover I suggest you try a sample. Papyrus (?) and white amber are obscured, but that is probably a good thing. Why 3 stars? It's not at all bad. I think I'd be an enthusiastic 4 stars if the price was 1/3 lower, but at this price point it is simply pretty nice, but does not wow. Still, one of the nicer perfumes from Byredo.
By   - founder from Providence on 6/3/2018
One of the more interesting formulations of a Rose scent. Dynamic without overwhelming, very pleasing. Wears close to the skin. Seriously considering a full sized.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 3/1/2018
This is perfect perfume! love the smell
By   - Student from BKK,Thailand on 2/23/2018
Bought this in the roll-on when it was available. I continue to search for the ever elusive "perfect rose" for my skin/chemistry. This & Dyptique are closest to being clean, original and natural smelling on me. Love the pink peppercorn up front and there is a slight patchouli here I don't usually like but works well here.
By   - Chief cook, bottle washer & chauffeur  from Outside NYC on 12/1/2017
"There's a rose in no man's land and it's wonderful to see." William Thomas 1916. Just so you know, these days I favor gourmand perfumes, I am loving Byredo's tribute to the field nurses of WWI; sweet, honeyed and slightly resinous. It opens with a dash of pink pepper & crystallized raspberry blossom - followed by a deep, lush, & jammy Turkish rose. No aroma-chemicals here, R.o.N.M.L is anchored in golden amber, and sappy papyrus. Like the genteel nurses the ingredients are of the highest quality, & the rose young and in bloom. Over all this is a captivating & refined unisex scent, A masterpiece for Byredo.
By   - Perfumelover from Fair Haven, NJ on 11/12/2017
Love this. Sweet, and slightly resinous. Light pink pepper up front. Turkish rose cushioned with amber, bolstered by papyrus. (I'm a sucker for a papyrus note) The fruity raspberry flower note is subtle and refined, High quality ingredients are evident in this. A masterpiece for Byredo.
By   - fragrance Lover from Fair Haven on 11/12/2017
I smelled the spirit of adventure.
By   - Maverick from Atlanta on 8/31/2017
I don't know if it's my skin chemistry, but I found this rose to have an overwhelming soapy note. I was so excited to try a sample! The raspberry isn't a sweet, ripe fruit, but more of a just-barely-ripened, almost tart raspberry that lingers in the background, and the amber only shows up as a hint after hours of wear.
By   - Graphic Designer from Portland on 2/14/2017
Amazing soft rose with a hint of raspberry. One of their best.
By   - Finance from Baltimore on 1/29/2017
When I first sprayed this, all I smelled were woods and pine trees. Then about half an hour later, I got a whiff of sparkling raspberry and a very soft rose. The longer I wore it the more I liked it!
By   - HR Assistant from Maplewood on 10/31/2016
Stellar fragrance
By   - host from M.B. on 3/14/2016
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