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Extrait de Parfum

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To me this scent is divine. I am a true gourmand lover, but I wouldn't say this is full on gourmand. It gives me an orange creamsicle vibe in a grown up sexy kind of way. It smells citrusy on top and the dry down is a touch powdery but not too much or in a bad way. I'm not into powdery but this is light and done right. I smell a little vanilla with the citrus. I absolutely love it, the first minute I sprayed this I had to have it. Very long lasting. I could smell whiffs of this for hours. I think this could be good for all year round wear.
By   - Quality Tech from Milwaukee WI on 9/14/2021
What a revelation! A perfectly balanced and rich collection of spice, vanilla, marshmallow, and hint of smoke. A great vindication of my opinion that vanilla frags should smell of a LOT more than vanilla. Well worth a full bottle.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 8/2/2021
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