Francesca Bianchi

Sex and the Sea

Extrait de Parfum

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I am a novice in the fragrance world - this is my first review and I’m testing my nose and learning notes so forgive me. This scent blew me away immediately. The ambergris made the first entrance and I smelled salty ( what I believe is supposed to be) “sea” . I audibly said “whoo”! The middle gave me a brief whiff of pineapple but that didn’t last long. The dry down reminded me and my husband of Jamaica and all the things that can be done on the beach without interrogation. The animalic civet stays from middle to dry down but once the base notes come in the animal, almost plasticky scent is softened with creamy benzoin and sandalwood. I love it~perfect blend of sex and sea. I give 4 stars as I am not sure what constitutes 5 still learning!
By   - Educator  from Plain City on 4/12/2021
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