Amber Cologne

Eau de Parfum

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In no way is this an Amber or a Cologne. It's a woody white floral, tuberose almost. Very beautiful though but not aptly named. Fairly good longevity and sillage.
By   - Small Business Owner from San Jose on 1/27/2020
Oh my, no. Just no. Not bad in first five minutes but after that it’s very synthetic, plasticy and not at all interesting
By   - Writer from Chicago on 10/21/2019
Really pleasant opening but after that it’s a rather linear scent that lasts about six hours on my skin. This one is hard for me to pick out notes. I get more of a warm creamy floral scent reminiscent of ylang ylang than anything that reminds me of amber. Definitely high quality but I’m on the fence with purchasing a full bottle. I highly recommend sampling as I could see others loving this.
By   - Manufacturing  from Saint Paul on 9/5/2019
Really great start: complex-citric-oud. moves within 15 minutes to a "iris" feeling, salty ambergris. *note: iris is not in the ingredients. basenote feels like a humming: salty-oud-"iris"-citrus- ambergris. Though very very low sillage (skinscent) this cologne wears great for a CLASSIC presence.
By   - N/A from planet on 5/22/2019
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