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Extrait de Parfum

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This is a fragrance that just is very enjoyable to wear. I was lucky to get a bottle from batch one. It smells to me like root beer barrels candy in the opening. It then dries down to something even more amazing. This is a MUST to purchase. I spray my arm so I can pull down my mask to smell it often. This is one of my top favorite perfumes.
By   - teacher from Gainesville on 3/26/2021
I believe that this is an amazing scent. I think that this will smell great on everyone. It lasts very long. The presentation is top notch. Smells like root beer to me with a lot of other things going on (I am do not have a nose to distinguish notes). When I run out, I definitely will purchase another.
By   - teacher from GAINESVILLE on 3/6/2021
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