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I blind bought this one. The coffee note is very realistic but not a coffee I'm dying to taste. It smells a bit bitter to me, but supporting notes are very nice. I didn't love it upon my initial wearing, but it's growing on me. I think it's going to be a cold-weather morning scent for me. I get above average projection and longevity. I find it pretty linear, with the coffee note dying down and blending in nicer as it dries down. The presentation is very basic and the cap is thin plastic. 3.5 stars is really where I'm at with it, but I'll round up to 4 since it is growing on me and I like the fact it's available in 30-ml bottles.
By   - Consultant from Philadelphia on 12/29/2020
Hands down one of the very best true coffee scents I have ever encountered. Not your grandma’s coffee either, mind you! This is refined, gourmet coffee with attitude. I would classify this as a gourmand but it’s not too sweet. Leather and rose make it playful and adventurous. Love the concept and the presentation is great, not to mention the price. This is FANTASTIC and my new favorite. Very well done!
By   - Medicine  from Atlanta on 5/24/2020
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