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Jasmin Antique

Eau de Toilette

Jasmin Antique Sizes Available:
60ml $140
30ml $95
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Jasmin Antique...
If you have ever had the breathtaking experience of a beautiful bouquet of Jasmine in your bedroom- the ethereal smell, the summer vibe, the tropical essence-- then you would would fall in love with this perfume. There is something so absolutely GENUINE in this perfume; yet, it is not like smelling a straight-up essential oil. There is a deep, sultry note to this that will make you want to smell your wrist over, and over and over. If you like floral, any floral, GET THIS.
By   - Sales from Dallas, Texas on 5/30/2020
Now I have to say this smells really lovely and better than I was expecting. The jasmine is fresh, full bodied, well rounded and intricate displaying different nuances. It actually smells better than the Egyptian Jasmine which is the fragrance that made me fall in love with the note. It's like the creator has taken the natural jasmine smell and enhanced it so it smells like it's in hi definition. Big thumbs up!
By   - Fragrance Enthusiast from Birmingham UK on 4/9/2020
Exactly what DrSeid says:
By   - Retired from Reno on 4/8/2020
Jasmin Antique is a reference quality jasmine soliflore. It opens with heady, slightly indolic lush jasmine with tremendous projection, then during the dry-down subtle nuances of the jasmine are revealed as it gradually softens, melding with non-powdery vanilla and subtle warm clove spice from the base to add a lemony sheen. This one is nothing short of a masterpiece!
By   - Perfume Lover from Fairfax on 3/30/2020
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