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Not as exotic as it may sound, what this IS is a drop-dead gorgeous old school chypre that feels rich, natural, and completely enveloping when you wear it. Loud and effervescent in a classic way. Viva the vintage chypre!
By   - Smeller from Singapore on 4/4/2021
Lately I have been drawn to complex scents with high proportion of naturals. Rogue is amongst my favorite houses, along with Papillon (which feel primordial) and Francesca Bianchi (all about sex & seduction). Rogue instead brings vintage to life. Chypre Siam is in the category of wearable art. It weaves unique notes with a blast of real oakmoss. At times I was reminded of vintage Mitsouko, a non-cumin Salome, and others it was a completely new experience. A big-boned chypre, perhaps masculine-leaning, but it is one of my favorites.
By   - Acupuncturist from San Diego, CA on 2/4/2021
This is a hard one to wear. I bought it as a blind buy from a perfume group I belong to. The oakmoss/camphor/mothball element is too strong for me but there is a gorgeousness to it also. Very curious. I've let it sit for a year and will try it again to see if it's settled a bit.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 11/13/2020
This one came highly recommended by the staff at Luckyscent. They are right to hold this fragrance as in inhouse favorite. Its note of clean, refreshing, natural, all while capturing a overall impression that well exceeds the parts. Rogue has become a perfumery that I will support. MouseIlluminess is already one of my go to fragrances this year. If you want depth and complexity that rivals Slumberhouse (without the price and then the almost instantly unobtainable bottles, then I would at the very least suggest trying this one. It is one of those scents that makes the times we live in feel more open than what the new normal has become.
By   - consultant from CHARLOTTESVILLE on 4/2/2020
Chypre's can be iffy for me, but I like this one very much. It definitely has the feel of an old-time chypre. On me, the kefir lime stays a surprisingly long time. I am a fan and considering buying a full bottle.
By   - retired from manchester on 11/28/2019
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