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Fougere L'Aube

Eau de Toilette


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Here's what other people are saying about Fougere L'Aube...
Lovely, definitely masculine but I enjoyed it on myself as well until the very end of the drydown. So soft, clean gentle, like waking up in a bed of clean white sheets when you bathed the night before, and drinking a glass of hot lemon water before you start your day. Then eventually, eventually, eventually moss. But such a nice smooth journey before you get down to business.
By   - Business from Boston on 12/12/2020
First off, Manuel Cross is a master craftsman and alchemist. All the superlatives on his finely crafted fragrances are true, but to experience them live is the only way to grasp just how good these colognes/parfumes are. Fougere L'aube is simply outstanding and will not disappointment your senses. It is such a unique and fresh scent, I don't think you'll find something like this any where else. It reminds me of being somewhere near a lake or seaside, with a cool breeze flowing across plants and trees and flowers nearby, while relaxing at a cafe enjoying a limoncello. You only just a spray or two....the projection is great. Anything more than that would be wasteful of this fine juice. Bravo Mr. Cross...bravo!
By   - Sales from New York on 5/22/2020
Yeah, I'm really loving this scent. Masculine, fresh, slightly sweet. Great first introduction to a fougere style scent for me. This has so far been a fun brand, and I love the smaller slightly more affordable bottles.
By   - Does it matter? from Idaho on 11/13/2019
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