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MEM is both difficult and difficult to describe. The day that I 'got' it, it was an arresting olfactory experience, like a tug of war between a rising sense of musk with something like ripe fruit (but not juice), which I think of as 'dusty fruit'. Though the drydown has a mellowing quality, the majority of my wearings the perfume rides a hard line of offending me and intriguing me -- yet other times, it is almost urine-like. Even now I debate the purchase of a full bottle, because maintaining attention shows that it is a kind of art, but it also doesn't feel precisely wearable. It doesn't make me feel like a particular kind of woman, nor is it entrancing; but it is simply an extraordinary scent experience.
By   - Software Engineer from Boston on 9/15/2019
A gentleman in the streets, an angel in the sheets. Starts off with a sparkling, dapper lavendar that not enough men these days would wear. Within about 30 minutes it strips down to a sweaty jasmine, soft rose, and a halo of musks. There's a lot more going on here, of course, but this smells to me like the best and only way to wear jasmine.
By   - Desginer from western MA on 9/23/2018
I love Bouge Profumo fragrances...Maai was my first one, MEM my second and Noun my most recent. It is a tough choice to pick one favorite of the three but MEM might have a slight edge. Nothing else smells like least that I have tried or own.
By   - Legal Assistant from Baltimore on 9/16/2018
I've sampled 5 of Gardoni's fragrances, and I think I'm beginning to understand them a bit better. This one is utterly transformative from opening past the dry down. It opened with powder, light musk, and ancient incense smoke wisps and ended with night blooming jasmine. I would love to smell this on a man! Capricious dynamics, a fragrance that overhauls itself. Also try MDCI's Chypre Palatin for this many plot twists.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 3/6/2018
I so wanted to love this... Unfortunately on my skin it starts on a big animalic civet note, and then it's huge jasmine, bright and super floral. I couldn't even detect lavender whatsoever.... I have to mention I own Jicky and it's also difficult on my skin. Too bad! I love the idea but hate the result. On a positive note, this scent sticks forever! Good news for those who like it.
By   - Artist from Québec on 7/4/2017
An incredibly rewarding fragrance for those willing to pay attention. It’s all here, folks -- cedary-antiseptic lavender as cleanser/purifier, the sweet lavender of shortbreads and “pretty” floral scents (in that aspect accompanied by a huge jasmine and muguet), the warm-hay lavender of comfort and eye pillows, the green tang of broken lavender stalks, even the rubber-and-tar scent of a working lavender farm. It’s not remotely a soliflore, and yet every note here points in only one direction. Seek this one out, or stay put and wait for the sillage to reach you.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/26/2017
A huge blast of lavender with a trace of chocolate in the background. Lavender continues, supported by peppermint and undefined citrus. But there it kinda sits - none of the above-mentioned jasmine, rose, ylang or sandalwood. There is a trace of cedar that adds to the overall pungency, and the amber comes out toward the end, but for the most part this is a strong, lasting, somewhat faceted lavender. Not at all like Jicky, which is a beautiful fragrance, nor like Bogue Maai, a seamless, muti-dimensional perfume far superior to this.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 5/30/2017
MEM is by far the best project from Antonio the projection and the way the fragrance develop is really big and strong. The aldehydes is well balanced in a way to perfection. The mix of Petitgrain, aldehydes, mandarin, rose and Musk. Make this fragrance the best fragrance IMO I haven't smelled anything better than this masterpiece. Well done Antonio you did again but much better Bravo. Franco thank you for the amazing advice.
By   - N/A from Miami on 5/26/2017
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