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Pros - simple / minimalistic in nature, realistic smoke note, and easy to wear. Cons - I can’t get past the powdered sugar smell in here, the smoke doesn’t last long on me, and it’s a bit pricy for what it is. I can tell this could be a good frag for someone, I’m thinking- just not me, maybe. I get sugary toasted marshmallows over a smoky campfire in the first hour, and then an overly sweet simple syrupy smell that doesn’t agree with my body chem.
By   - N/A from Denver on 9/4/2021
Unsurprisingly, reminds me of Etat Libre D'Orange's Jasmin Et Cigarette. There is a predominant sugar note that took me a minute to place because it was so specific...then it hit me. Candy cigarettes. If I were still a smoker, I'd spray my clothes or jacket with this one to add some nuance to the smoky clothing smell instead of battling it with a cover up like febreeze. There's nothing unpleasant about this to my nose.
By   - Entertainment Consultant from Playa Del Rey on 6/12/2021
It's far less burnt and cigarette-smoky than I was expecting -- not that it would have offended me -- and for my sniffer, is a bit closer to my ideal of pipe tobacco. My favorite from the Akro sampler, and one I intend to buy a full bottle of.
By   - QA from Indianapolis on 2/22/2020
A very interesting and pleasant smell. Somewhat minimalist and transparent. It goes on in a steely, modern bright sheen of smoke... enhanced with a duskier hint of fresh tobacco leaves. The benzoin subtly knits it together, but imparts no "Oriental" sweetness. The drydown does seem slightly cigarette-like, but not stale, necessarily. It also reminds me of the good smell of a fireplace that hasn't hosted a fire in a few days, and also recalls the pleasantly cozy-moody smell of Lapsang Souchong tea. It does not smell barbecue or campfire-like. This would be a lovely, moody scent for autumn and winter. A reassuring feel-good scent for lovers of smoky fragrances.
By   - digital artist from boerne texas usa on 5/17/2019
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