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Bois Sikar

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Bois Sikar...
No one will ever forget you when you wear this perfume. It is so unusual and so striking that the best way to describe it is to quote the other reviewer here who said people will either love you to hate you. And the same goes for you. You will either fall in love forever with this delicious almost undescribable heady scent or never want to smell it again. Me, I am in love. Bois d'Ascese is perhaps a distant cousin but a wallflower next to Bois Sikar.
By   - Artist from Los Angeles on 5/6/2021
Pleasant woody, warm, slightly smoky and ambered composition. The smokiness slightly recalls Bois des Landes, a Grasse speciality which is a codistillate of cedarwood and pine. The association to scotch whisky is more distant; for that you really need to smell Akro's Malt, which has the typically slightly phenolic character of some types of scotch. Overall Bois Sikar most closely resembles Skarb by, I think, Humiecki and Graaf.
By   - Retired doctor from Stratford on Avon, UK on 11/24/2020
People will love you and hate you.
By   - Real Estate Agent from Longmont on 11/6/2019
What a seductive revelation! Dark, yet soft & smoky, you can feel yourself sink into a plush leather chesterfield cornered in a basement lounge with old wood furniture. Without veering into incense, this scent stays a pure soft grey throughout. Starts off strongly with peat and settles a few hours later into a gentle, lulling cedar smoke. A short burst of acridity popped briefly an hour after application but faded quickly and now is purring like a drowsy panther in a beautifully projected aura around me. I agree this scent is masculine, but I am sampling it as a woman and it is carnally wonderful. A female coworker of mine asked to smell it closer twice and pressed her nose against my wrist both times. I will be ordering the full size soon.
By   - Analyst from Princeton on 6/20/2018
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