D.S. and Durga

Burning Barbershop

Eau de Parfum

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I was looking for a cologne for my S.O. for Christmas. I knew he liked “barbershop” frags, so I googled BARBERSHOP COLOGNE, and ordered a bunch of random samples for me to test out before purchasing a full size gift. As soon as I smelled this I knew *I* had to have it for myself. It was by far my favorite out of everything I ordered. I give burning barbershop credit for getting me interested in fragrances for myself in the first place.
By   - N/A from Denver on 9/4/2021
Another well named creation from DS&D! The mint does not come through super strong for me, but it may be what's working the magic to keep this fire from feeling out of control. It's definitely a sooty smoke, but also fresh, clean, rich. I was nervous at first bc it did come on a little strong, but it's just mellowed with me all afternoon. That said, definitely letting my guy use the rest of the sample, the soot made it a bit too masc for me.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
I have been on the hunt for a quality, potently soothing mint scent for a couple of months or so and was coming to the mindset that it may not be out there for me! After sampling, I don't know what by D.S and Durga which is spectacular and then coming to this one noticing the spearmint note, I knew it was an instant love connection. Job well done D.S.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 7/31/2019
The classic barbershop cologne with a modern edgy twist and more concentration. The perfume opens on a fresh note with spearmint,lime and spruce. The heart if floral with lavender and rose. The base showcases a note of burnt oil, vanilla and hay giving the perfume a slightly edgy and surreal feel. Unisex (masculine leaning) with moderate sillage, projection and good longevity. Familiar, yet modern and edgy and an unusual work safe masculine scent. Enjoy!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/27/2019
I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant about wearing this. I waited for a nice snowy day and wore this to the movie theater with my GF...she liked the warmth in it and it made her want to snuggle close to me. I like the smokiness in the opening quite a bit, but I didn't get the barbershop scent early on. The opening made me pictured a fire that was dying down. A few hours later on the ride home, my car's heater really brought it to life, all I could smell was shaving lather and a smoky dry down that made me fall in love with this scent. There are very few fragrances that make me sit back and try to catch my own scent, but this is one of them.
By   - Pilot from Philadelphia on 6/24/2018
Not to diminish prior reviews, but I find this fairly soft and understated. No five-alarm fire or molton material. It's definitely reminiscent of the talcum powder used in old fashioned barber shops....menthol and vanilla, but with a bit of smoke as if caramelized. I love it and find it inigorating in the beginning and soothing.in the end. It's unique and worth trying.
By   - student from nashville on 1/3/2018
If you own a Fat Boy, some serious ink (not vacation impulse tats), a beard and a serious leather wardrobe then this is your scent. For the rest of us...don't try to fake it. The 4 star is not because I personally like the fragrance but because it is executed well and honest to its concept. The fragrance profile is as described. This fragrance is truly not for everyone but it isn't trying to be. Get a sample before you buy!
By   - Architect from Oakland on 8/31/2017
Another does-what-it-says-on-the-can offering from the brilliant weirdos at DS & Durga -- smoke, spearmint, lavender, the odd rubber-smoke moment, haystack, all beautifully warm and attractive on the skin. I noticed a wisp of a metallic note at various moments; it was invariably adjacent to the rubber note, so it may just be some artifact of my own brain rather than anything in the scent itself, but it fleshed out the idea of a burnt-out commercial space wonderfully. As ever, DS & Durga are skirting the edge of stunt perfumery here, but who cares when the results are this delicious?
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/18/2016
One of many unique scents from this creative and talented team. Even though BB is characterized as masculine, women should not hesitate to give it a try. I find its dark, smoky essence and citrus/mint tang to be particularly soothing as I'm nodding off to sleep after a long hard day - this is one of my favorite bedtime spritzes.
By   - Attorney from New York on 8/21/2016
If you're old enough to remember going to the barber shop, and having a nice older man give you a buzz cut and follow it with a soft brush full of a bunch of talcum powder, this will bring that memory home hard. I don't get the "burnt" piece of this at all (maybe because my go-to this time of year is Slumberhouse Jeke, which is all about burnt. But the nostalgia factor here is enormous. If you've ever smelled this blend before (probably as a kid), you will recognize it instantly. Nice.
By   - Project Manager and bass guitarist from Providence on 11/29/2015
Burning Barbershop? ~ Yes, they totally nailed it. I have to say "not bad". Kind of strong at first, but loses it's smoky edge upon dry down. It reminds me of sitting around a smoky campfire in the North Woods; sort of a smoky piney scent.
By   - Medical Financial Analyst from Madison on 3/9/2015
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