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Functional Fragrance
100ml $155
10ml $30
0.7ml sample $4
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Floral, herby, and fresh. I LOVE this scent--I ordered a sample and went through it more quickly than any other I've had this year. It makes me smell clean, feel calm, and sniff my wrist compulsively. It's a lovely, lovely fragrance.
By   - Teacher from Portland on 7/15/2019
Lasts without getting imbedded in your head (wearing certain fragrances gives me migraines). Does indeed have a calming effect, while also imparting a sexy subtle mix that doesn’t shout one note such as musk. I liked the “Molekule One” fragrance but it was too one-note for me, didn’t last, too non-specific. I ordered 11 samples this go-round and this is the ONLY one I”m purchasing. I think it’ll be good over the change in seasons, too (perhaps not winter but into fall).
By   - Military from Washington DC on 6/9/2019
I clicked through to buy immediately after reading about this one. Curiously, I get dill and grass, then sweet citrus with something beneath it that sort of fattens it up and rounds it out without heaviness. It's very light yet full and lasting. I struggle with a lot of the modern molecule based frags but this one lands for me. It kind of embodies the subtle forward thinking idea of "better tomorrow," such as when you see a film set 20 years in the future and everything is recognisably the same but just a little bit better...
By   - curator from los angeles on 5/27/2019
This stuff is wonderful. On me the sweet, powdery and herbal facets are most noticeable, with a resinous "spiky" undertone sneaking through every now and again. It reminds me most of a really resinous lavender or a tamed rosemary, so I'm going to guess that it's the cardamom giving that little spark. It really is calming for me, as well, I noticed an immediate effect in that my left eye, which has been twitching since our Windows10 "upgrade" early this month, has finally stopped.
By   - Insurance from Des Moines on 3/18/2019
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