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I am rarely impressed these days by fragrance. They are either fantastic and dont last or they dont have the right scent for me. This one is an exception. On me it has the scent of clean flannel with a hint of spiced orange peel. I love it and it lasts for hours. I highly recommend you check this out. I imagine it would be great for either male or female.
By   - Manager from Ben Salem on 4/7/2021
Floral, herby, and fresh. I LOVE this scent--I ordered a sample and went through it more quickly than any other I've had this year. It makes me smell clean, feel calm, and sniff my wrist compulsively. It's a lovely, lovely fragrance.
By   - Teacher from Portland on 7/15/2019
Lasts without getting imbedded in your head (wearing certain fragrances gives me migraines). Does indeed have a calming effect, while also imparting a sexy subtle mix that doesn’t shout one note such as musk. I liked the “Molekule One” fragrance but it was too one-note for me, didn’t last, too non-specific. I ordered 11 samples this go-round and this is the ONLY one I”m purchasing. I think it’ll be good over the change in seasons, too (perhaps not winter but into fall).
By   - Military from Washington DC on 6/9/2019
I clicked through to buy immediately after reading about this one. Curiously, I get dill and grass, then sweet citrus with something beneath it that sort of fattens it up and rounds it out without heaviness. It's very light yet full and lasting. I struggle with a lot of the modern molecule based frags but this one lands for me. It kind of embodies the subtle forward thinking idea of "better tomorrow," such as when you see a film set 20 years in the future and everything is recognisably the same but just a little bit better...
By   - curator from los angeles on 5/27/2019
This stuff is wonderful. On me the sweet, powdery and herbal facets are most noticeable, with a resinous "spiky" undertone sneaking through every now and again. It reminds me most of a really resinous lavender or a tamed rosemary, so I'm going to guess that it's the cardamom giving that little spark. It really is calming for me, as well, I noticed an immediate effect in that my left eye, which has been twitching since our Windows10 "upgrade" early this month, has finally stopped.
By   - Insurance from Des Moines on 3/18/2019
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