Hanamizake (Cherry Blossom Sake)

Eau de Parfum

50ml $80
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Here's what other people are saying about Hanamizake (Cherry Blossom Sake)...
Straight up cherry blossom and raspberry. Very distant apple and musk. It is a beautiful fragrance for a young lady.
By   - Tech Executive from Seattle on 1/1/2021
Breezy and boozy with a mix of sun ripened orchard fruit still on the branch with a hint of cherry blossom threading it all together. It's not cloying, not at all candy or juvenile, yet the scent is bright, airy, and sumptuous. Carrying with it a casual elegance that makes it ideal for daily use. One of the better fruity fragrances available that is NOT gourmand nor cloying. For those who'd like to try a bolder, louder, but refined version of this scent, try Hummingbird by Zooligist. I have both and love 'em equally.
By   - Office Manager from Los Angeles on 10/2/2020
Cherry candy at first, but with a sour note. After it settles, you get the other floral notes in play and it's not quite so cherry-cherry-candy-sweet. But it never loses that unusual sour note. Sour as in sake, I gather. I don't normally like sour notes in a scent, but this was actually refreshing. Unusual. Wish it lasted longer, though.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 5/17/2019
This may not be a fair review, as it's based on a scent memory (but I would assume most people have a similar memory). I can only smell cherry flavored cough syrup. Straight up. It may be too boozy? Theoretically boozy cherry blossom sounds nice, but I can't smell anything past cherry cough syrup.
By   - Environmentalist from Washington, D.C. on 3/14/2019
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