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Rose Magnetic

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Delightful- as other reviewers stated, this is a pure rose perfume. Not tea rose (old lady/grandma), not dank ouhd laced rose, not candy, not green. Just pure rose. Another similarly great clean rose is Rose Anonyme - if you like that style of rose perfumery, this will not disappoint. Glad I blind bought this, I've got a few rose perfumes I like now.
By   - IT from LA on 4/16/2021
This is such a beautiful rose perfume, sophisticated and head turner, this is not the old granma rose at all, when I wear it my clients always complimented me; in my opinion this is a safe blind buy; great scent and great price!!!!
By   - Hairstylist from Orlando on 7/24/2020
I had been looking for a rose scent to buy ever since Lostmarc'h discontinued Iroaz. I ordered a few different rose samples, and have been trying them. Most of the time, I forget about the scent or just don't like it that well. Well after I put Rose Magnetic on, all of a sudden I thought what is that clean awesome scent?!!! Happy to say I love this one. It has the subtle rose I wanted, but also other yummy almost gourmand notes I like, and a freshness on top of that. The price is reasonable for a bottle too.
By   - teacher from Brooksville on 1/18/2019
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