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Here's what other people are saying about Mon Vetiver...
Extremely impressed by this fragrance. It has a Vetiver Tonka by Hermes vibe, it’s not as natural or as sweet. A very well done affordable fragrance, which I highly recommend. I’m looking forward to exploring this house further.
By   - Engineer  from Saint Charles on 9/20/2019
Kudos and thanks to Bruno Jovanovic for creating an amazing scent. When I first sprayed it on my skin, the scent was light and yet intense...very masculine yet with a touch of femeninity....As the day moved on, the sent actually seemed to grow stronger. Love this scent!
By   - HR Systems Analyst from Forest Park, IL on 10/6/2018
very wearable. longer lasting than I'd expect for the price.
By   - writer from Chicago on 9/9/2018
I wish I could show 3.5 stars. Not quite a 4. But here's what impressed me. Most scents that can be had this cheaply last about a nano-second and they are GONE. This one stays around and smells fresh and happy for quite a while. If you like vetiver I recommend trying it! And I ADORE the company for offering a small size for travel ... or for addicts who have to try a million things.
By   - writer from chicago on 9/3/2018
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