Bruno Jovanovic

Country: France

A native Parisian, Bruno Jovanovic came into perfumery on what has been described as a whim following a chance trip through the aisles of a high-end department store. Once committed, however, his dedication and achievement proved to be far from whimsical, as he was able not only to secure admission to the highly competitive ISIPCA, but also to graduate 2nd of 900 students. Working now for IFF in both Paris and New York City, Jovanovic brings a sophisticated, modern sensibility to his creations, which include niche hits such as Thirdman’s Eau Monumentale and A Lab On Fire’s Almost Transparent Blue, but also mainstream mega-bestsellers like Abercrombie Fierce. With a demonstrated talent and a tireless work ethic, Jovanovic is often cited by industry veterans and fragrance enthusiasts as a creator whose contributions to the art form are just beginning.

Bruno Jovanovic perfumer image
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