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Ok, I didn't think I liked this one when I first tried the sample, but it's really growing on me. It opens very green and harsh, but then it dries down to a warm, almost powdery scent. It's a very weird combination, but it seems to work.
By   - Editor from Washington DC on 12/16/2019
Arbole Arbole is a little hard to describe. It's different. It's fairly strong in the opening, and I guess it smells green, but definitely not a typical green...more like an olive note, maybe? There is an ever-present powdery vanilla musc that overcomes the green olive and finally ends in a very soft vanilla after about 5 hours. Not as long lasting as slowdive or moon bloom. If I hadn't read the poem, I might not like this so much, but I can see how the scent relates to the poem. I am emotionally drawn in, so I'm hooked. That said, I really recommend getting a sample because it is that far off the beaten path and may not be your cup of tea. I also highly recommend the poem.
By   - Student from Nashville on 7/30/2018
Hello Everyone, Surprisingly, Arbole Arbole, by Hiram Green, is aceptable after about 30 minutes. But, the first 20 minutes or so reminds me of burnt plastic. The complimentary samples were amazing, I love. But, I'm not reviewing the samples. I would not buy Arbole Arbole a second time. Thank you - Dee
By   - Advocate from Pennsylvania, USA on 6/7/2018
Well his done it again. I swear he makes these perfumes just for me. This a perfect winter perfume the warmth of the woods and vanilla are quite amazing. The dry down is warm and cozy. Its blended so well that it is a beautiful earthy scent. I just got his Dilettante but I was saving is for spring and summer but was hoping he would make a winter scent. I will have to get this one too.
By   - Manager from Rancho Cucamonga on 12/16/2016
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