Feu de Bois Candle

Scented Candle

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I bought this on a whim because in general, I love firewood scents and felt like splurging. I’ve enjoyed the B&BW Fireside candle for years so I was fully expecting this to be even better for the price. At first I was ambivalent. I can’t say exactly how it’s different, but it is and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. As the days went on, it hooked me. It’s been gone for a couple of weeks now and every time I walk by my candle cabinet, I think about it. It appears that I will need to buy a new one.
By   - Retiree from Odessa on 3/11/2019
This is nothing less than Fumidus by Profumum in candle form. Doesn't quite match the description, but still very nice.
By   - Consultant from Chicago on 12/21/2018
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