Naomi Goodsir

Bois d'Ascese

Eau de Parfum

50ml $187
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Imagine yourself near a bonfire in the Rocky Mountains, the smell resembles dark woods, spicy cinnamon, and a spicy vanilla. This is an electric scent wow. I will be purchasing.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 6/4/2020
I enjoy the eponymous bois, and the smoke is nicely done, but the whole thing runs out of puff pretty quickly. I don't think the price for 50ml is warranted.
By   - Musician from Bethlehem on 1/9/2020
I sampled it in the winter, and wore it outdoors, loved it. Fast forward a few months to hot weather, which is most of the year here in Australia, it's not a good wear on hot/sticky days or nights, when it's smokiness and tenaciousness very much works against it, it doesn't really go anywhere in terms of development, and frankly it bores me. But in winter cold mornings, it goes down like peppery ginger biscuits and peaty whisky. And the drydown to bare incense and cinnamon is fantastic.
By   - Designer from Australia on 2/13/2019
Smoke. Campfire smoke. Is that all this is? NO. The first, maybe, 30 minutes or so is hefty and smells as if you were just sitting by a campfire. However, on me this becomes so deliciously ambery and sweet and addictive. Maybe my skin amplifies sweeter notes but Wow! There is nothing austere about this--pure comfort, natural beauty, depth, warmth and sexy smokey sweetness. I would buy a bottle but i'm not in love just yet, still falling. The smoke is lovely but is indeed a bit of a mountain to climb. Now that it is colder, I will be wearing this more and letting it protect me from more frigid airs with its warm cozy aura.
By   - Living from Lemon City on 12/12/2018
Warm, smokey, and comforting to me. This is one of the best samples I recently received. It does have the qualities of a fine, smokey scotch. It also smells of freshly cut wood, a bit of resin, and a lovely oak moss base. It's wonderful. It is like sitting in front of a fire with a glass of scotch in a beautiful forest on a clear night. A bottle is necessary for me.
By   - Student from Nashville on 12/23/2017
Wow -- more than whiskey or that peaty smell of Laphroig scotch (which I happen to love) this is much more SMOKE. I've had it on for a half hour and it's still going super strong - if you don't like it, you'll want to scrub it off but I find that it's settling down nicely on a cold winter Vermont day. It has a sophisticated air to it - just a hint of cinnamon but certainly not at all sweet or cloying. It's specific enough that you might want to get a sample and try it on. For those who like it, it will be YOUR niche perfume. If you don't like super smokey, it's not for you. I get more Oak Moss and Smoked wood but there are other subtle notes that float in and out.
By   - consultant from Weybridge on 12/6/2017
Buckle up. The thoughts above on whisky (not whiskey; that's the Irish stuff!) are correct: This is a fragrance with facets, one that changes and opens as it warms, as whisky does when you hold the glass; this is a fragrance that encourages steadiness and contemplation, as whisky does when you drink it properly (doing Laphroaig as a shot ought to be a capital offense...I digress); this is a fragrance that will kick you hard if not used judiciously, as whisky will cheerfully do. It's hard to overstate how wonderfully Goodsir's variations on "smoke" shade into each other, and I love that cinnamon here plays the role a more conventional perfumer might have assigned to carnation. Gorgeous.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/31/2016
It is exhausting to again find a scent that is 'you' if your HG scent betrays you and no longer excites you as it once did. A year or so ago that happened to me. Everything in my scent wardrobe didn't quite do it like it used too so I began my hunt again. I am not a flowery sweet fruity scent girl. I like mysterious scents that smell one minute one way and another in an hour. A scent that you look forward to wearing like your favorite dress. This smoky incense and slightly woody tinged yet somehow still feminine scent with a wonderful amber undertone that makes you smell your wrist over and over is perfect. Not everyone will agree but who wants that?
By   - Artist from Pittsburgh on 12/17/2016
Though I would hardly describe this fragrance as "harsh and medicinal", I do think you have to love smokey, wood fire scents to be a fan of Bois d'Ascese. The problem for me is, being that it's now Summer, my mind and appetite turn to backyard barbecues more than anything "complicated and enigmatic". I'm thinking more like, say, whiskey marinated meats over an open flame. :)
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 8/28/2016
I get people not liking this, but to me it's utter dryness and uncompromising intensity is a winner. It's smoke, incense, and a hint of oakmoss on me and I love it. Amazing tenacity too, although it quiets down, it doesn't go away for hours. So if it isn't your thing, it *really* won't be your thing. But when I am in the mood for something stark and beautiful, this is where I go.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
Intense blast of smoke, resin, and Dewar's upon first application. I was fairly put off, initially, however, an hour later, the dry down mellowed out and the scent became much more relaxed and clean. That being said, I could barely detect a hint of anything within a couple of hours.
By   - Advertising from Detroit on 2/18/2016
The scent is SMOKY and I love it. It can be overwhelmingly so at times, which is why you might want to use it sparingly, in terms of seasons. Definitely a cold weather masculine type but kudos to the woman brave enough to war it. (received in sample form from Essential 13 sample pack: Masculine) This is officially my first review on luckyscent and I'm super excited to review more scents in the future.
By   - Retail from Bay Area on 12/3/2015
The opening is similar to CDG Incense Avignon, dark and smoky (which turned me off initially). Once it drys down a bit more the smoke is less intense and it becomes a nice fragrance. Still a bit heavy for me personally though.
By   - Accountant from Sydney on 7/9/2015
J'ai bien aime Bois d'Ascese de Naomi Goodsir. Il vaut la peine d'etre teste. Charbonneux, austere, vous reveillez ma curiosite. C'est extraordinaire et incroyable, il me plait beaucoup mais je le trouve quand meme assez lourd...Une vraie bombe olfactive! Il faut un certain temps pour apprendre a le connaitre et l'apprivoiser.
By   - Novelist on 1/9/2015
Bois d'Ascese: wandering in the woods, earthy and smoky. The peat fades but the smoke swirls from your skin and hair for hours. Sexy on a woman.
By   - Romantic from On the ocean. on 12/26/2014
I realize I didn't like this on my first try because it was during hot weather...smoky is OK for summer when it's outdoor charcoals under pines but this much better on second visit, during snowy weather...very warm & inviting smoky and lingering and somehow invigorating (like coming on a campfire after a hike?)
By   - Low budget Hedonist on 11/29/2014
I was initially put of by the intense smokiness of this but after five minutes it alchemized into something wonderful that is hard for me to put into words. If you can make it through the first 10 smoky-resinous minutes its blissful.
By   - artist from pittsburgh on 7/10/2014
The first time this met my nose, I felt like I was about to take a sip of a good Islay scotch - smoky, peaty and oh-so-warm, with enough bite to keep things interesting. As it dries down, I noticed the warmth in the incense, and a cleaner campfire smell. Think bonfire in autumn, sipping whiskey and leather boots. I've been looking for a signature fragance for years, and Bois d'Ascese is it.
By   - Writer from Vancouver on 3/5/2014
Outrageously smoky incense scent - I am a woman and it is definitely not too masculine for me. Can't wait to wear this in the dead of winter up in the Great White North!
By   - Project Analyst from San Diego on 6/12/2013
The is such a stunning fragrance. I keep coming back to it. I will start by saying I don't like the top at all, something just dosent mix well with my skin. The top you get a slightly smokey whisky and tobacco. The mid (love this part) you get firewood smoke (best I've smelled, just like a bonfire) with a pinch of incense. The base (adore this part) you get the firewood smoke turned down with oak moss and wood (base is very sexy). This has great longevity I'm smelling it on my skin 16 hours after applying and the projection is fairly strong too. This may be my next purchase even though I don't care for the top. A bad first 20 min dosent take away from the 10 + hours of beauty.
By  on 5/16/2013
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