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Upon first application, the lovely jasmine is exactly what I hunt for but it was very quickly overtaken by the spiced tones of the leather and vanilla. Unfortunately on my skin, the apple described in the fragrance notes gets entirely skipped. The sillage isn't over-powering, but give it 20-30 minutes before getting into ennclosed spaces immediately after application, lest you overwhelm those around you. The rose is more a supporting role for the musk and leather. However, the soft rose is what is leftover when the scent is on its last legs and I have to stick my nose right against my skin. I appreciate City of Jasmine, but will look elsewhere for a full-on floral jasmine day scent, and keep this sample for evening wear.
By   - Hobbiest from Canada on 1/28/2021
I waited to try a sample until I had tried all scents from this house, thinking that this would be some flowerbomb-- so glad I tried it now! This has so much more citrus (grapefruit?, tangerine?) than flowers that the name seems misleading. I get the citrus, followed by a grey spice note, then a tropical floral note. This should be mentioned in the same breath as 4711 and other great Eau de Colognes. Truly a unisex scent, and great in warm months.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 4/19/2019
This is beautiful in a vintage Dior Eau Savage kind of way. At first whiff in the vial, I didn't pay it much mind. Once on my skin, however, I was struck by the tart citrus up front: so fresh! The dry down I suppose could be described as something more masculine; but you would never be mistaken for wearing a man's cologne. It's quite lovely and sophisticated. I would consider it a warm weather scent.
By   - Accountant from Hudson on 2/22/2019
I must say that I am so glad I got the sample pkg from this House! City of Jasmine is truly one stunning fragrance and I can't wait to wear it in Spring and Summer! It smelled so good that I am wearing it again today, but I only have a sample and must conserve until I get a full bottle! I truly believe this House is going to have a huge amount of loyal and very happy customers...always looking for what is coming next! Within the sample set, I loved all of them, 3 to 4 of them being truly full bottle worthy!
By   - Program Assistant  from Fredericksburg on 2/17/2019
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