Red Tobacco

Eau de Parfum

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Sexy, spiced tobacco is definitely a great description on this fragrance. Very unisex in my opinion and great as a fall/winter scent that's warm and comforting without smelling like a stereotypical "winter spice" scent.
By   - Chef from Langley on 12/1/2020
Wow! Opens very harsh (read, in your face) & synthetic, but after 30 mins turns into heavenly tobacco with whiffs of sandalwood & cinnamon. I dont get any vetiver, incense, vanilla or many of the other claimed notes, but who cares. Blind buy worth for the cold winter nights, especially if one's a fan of tobacco frags. Peace...
By   - Business Executive from Cary on 2/28/2020
This scent is simply unbelievable. I'm saving my pennies to buy a full bottle. Very spicy, sweet, mysterious. The tobacco is very subtle but reveals itself in the drydown. I hope heaven (or hell) smells like this! Can't get enough.
By   - Retired from Cottonwood on 2/6/2020
Oh YUM! Centers on the fruity, liqueur-like sweetness of pipe tobacco. A host of supporting, well-blended players -- fruits, spices and woods -- create a beautifully balanced showcase for that delicious tobacco note. This is an expansive, generous, user-friendly tobacco perfume with an almost oriental quality to it that makes me love it even more. I appreciate the potency here, but imagine it might have the potential to be overwhelming if sprayed. Excellent description by LuckyScent!
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/10/2018
This is even better than Amouage Interlude man!
By   - Account manager from Omaha on 3/7/2018
A honeyed tobacco that manages to keep an echo of its green-apple opening flourish echoing for a very long way into drydown. All this deliciousness seems to be enclosed in a leather packet of some sort, to wonderful effect.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/4/2018
It's disappointing when fragrances promise tobacco but fail to deliver, because it's such a comfort scent for me. This one keeps the tobacco distinguishable, but adds more layers of deliciousness. Warm, sweet, this is very, very nice.
By   - teacher from South Bend on 12/5/2017
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