Eau de Parfum

50ml $220
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Monstera should be a warm weather staple for anybody who likes brightly green and soft leather fragrances. The opening is a punchy hit of medicinal fresh sap that has been balanced out by sumptuous floral notes. It settles into a few hours worth of pineapple pith, a touch of gardenia, and a grounding sanguine note. The close mellows with this warm suedey moment that’s lifted by the lingering brightness of the perfume’s beginning. If your nose is tuned for it, this juice is beyond bewitching.
By   - Wine Director from Chicago on 7/27/2018
Monstera also means monstruos, delicious, ready to eat your heart out with the caress of overlapping leaves and bursts of orchid. You will never want to leave its side. Cannot ask for more.
By   - literature from Mexico City on 5/5/2018
If you like GREEN, you'll love this! Right off the bat, fresh-cut green everything. Stays in this watery place for a few minutes, then begins to warm into a super-juicy tropical fruit, like sliced pineapple or something, but still with a grassy bite and not too sweet. There is absolutely nothing bad in this perfume, not one false move. A bottle is in my future.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 2/13/2018
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