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Just received a full bottle for my birthday; I had been haunted by the sample so long that I knew I had to have it. Like an earlier reviewer said, give this one time. This scent truly unfolds, and while I like all of its stages, the dry down is truly special - a beautiful and subtle sweetness after all the green notes. Don't expect to make a statement; this is a perfume you wear for yourself. A truly unique scent.
By   - Teacher from Bayonne on 8/25/2020
I finally found it! I've been searching for a new signature scent and Erawan is perfection. It's familiar and strange, comforting and destabilizing. It opens with what I can only describe as a cemetery note. It's soil, but it's haunted. That note then acts like a ghost. It'll disappear and return throughout the day. There's something animalic in there too, dirty and sexy. Next, a chocolatey note surges forward alongside lily and hay. It wears close to the skin and is a deeply personal, meditative fragrance, meant to be enjoyed by the wearer and anyone who comes very close. Strangers will not stop you to ask what you're wearing. My only regret is that it doesn't last very long on me. Nevertheless, it's incredible and well worth the splurge.
By   - editor from new york on 7/20/2020
Every creation from Dusita is exquisite but this is the only full bottle I've managed so far because beyond its loveliness even it is NECESSARY MEDICINE. Back when we could go out into the world I always made it a point to have a sample or two in my wallet in case of emergencies, my own or others.' Essentially, it's scent CBD. Not at all an aquatic scent, it has nonetheless the effect of looking at water. It will calm you.
By   - Visual Artist from Brooklyn on 4/26/2020
An extremely pleasant green aromatic woody fragrance, this subtle and lovely offering from Dusita evokes the beauty and aura of lush Thai forestscapes and countrysides with trees, flowers and elephants. The perfume begins on a nice herbal note where one can also discern petitgrain. As it begins settling, one detects floral notes of lily of the valley, liatris, vetiver, hay and sage. Upon complete settling, a mossy powdery woody base of oakmoss, vanilla and cedar with these light herbs hovering in the background remains. The perfume is therapeutic and soothing and never overpowering. Created using a fougere structure, this unisex beauty is well blended with moderate sillage, projection and good longevity.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/22/2019
This is scent must be laced with lithium. One spritz and my high heart rate goes down, my headache moves on, my chakras align, and the walls of my home office melt into a an ocean view. But for me, there is a magic trick to Erawan. Spray and don’t smell for the first ten minutes. Like a good wine that meets air you want to let this one mellow. I imagine the perfume molecules need to take off their sugar-chocolate clothes before they lounge on the nude beach of my skin. A perfume like this allows me to become a better friend to myself. One sniff and an eye opens in the day's hurricane.
By   - Writer from Beach on 1/16/2019
Smokey, sweet and fresh this is a great summer daytime perfume. This will certainly be going on my short list of bottles I'd like to purchase.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 1/13/2019
Opens with a sharp, herbacious, bitter green petitgrain. Lily of the valley asserts itself fairly quickly, about five to ten minutes in: a fresh, heady burst of balmy sweetness that lingers throughout Erawan's life on my skin. Hay and clary enrich and buoy the LOTV, but I found myself wanting more from them and from the basenotes as well -- perhaps a lack of discernment on my part. Very pleasant!
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/1/2018
This scent is remarkable. This falls under that special category of perfumery arts called storytelling. There are so many bits to experience and discover. I wonder if I can get used to *just* wearing it as a scent? -Not that it's not wearable but I would be constantly distracted, wanting to inhale deeply and stare into space.
By   - Public Servant from Portland on 5/21/2018
Erawan has an immediate WOW FACTOR. Totally unique in my experience. I guarantee you will not be able to stop from pulling your wrist into your nose. I was not prepared to be so thrilled with this one. You won't smell perfumery, but you will smell damn good. I love to smell good without feeling I smell like perfume, and Erawan accomplishes with aplomb.
By   - Retired from Reno on 5/1/2018
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