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Classic powdery makeup scent. The violet, and rose combo brings to mind old fashioned compacts and the orris screams a fatty cold cream. As Splendiris continues on it's journey we also take a trip on the many sides of the iris as it moves from light and powdery to earthy. This perfume is an absolute joy on paper, and perfect reminder of how beautiful florals done well can be. Sadly on skin this turned into a mildewy and sour mess. This may be my own skin chemistry at play here and I recommend one tries a sample as this may be someone's else's perfect heaven.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
If I were going to meet the queen, this is what I would wear. Its FORMAL, and sophisticated with a touch of deliciousness. Unlike the Melodie L'Amour that develops on me like an animalic jasmine mess, this is a refined fragrance where voilet leaf and orris butter are front and center.
By   - ** from TX on 1/1/2020
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