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The pine top is fleeting but so good with the sweet coumarin. Creates a warm forest rather than an aromatic cool forest. Wish the pine lasted longer. Next is sweet hay-tobacco until the dry down. Bottom is a somewhat soapy musk. Not bad but I wish was less of a clean musk and more natural/animal.
By   - options trader from Phoenix on 7/26/2021
Heavenly. A dark forest floor warmed in a spot of sun. Earthy, somehow nutty, with a slight sweetness. Androgynous, mysterious. The only problem is the price tag. I'll be saving for a full bottle.
By   - accountant from dnaltrop on 1/9/2021
I have tried some from Dusita, and while I find all of them so beautiful, the problem I have is that there is an aromachemical in all of them that gives me such a terrible headache. I had to take away one star for an otherwise brilliant composition. Starts out smelling a tad mentholated, with sweet tobacco and coumarin. It's extremely syrupy and Oriental. Very beautiful! But then the drydown comes, and it smells more like shampoo that is "vanilla" scented. I just get that intense shampoo musk, and it makes the tobacco smell diluted. I appreciate it, but I can't handle the synthetics. She is so talented, I wish she would use a different base maybe? I don't have this problem with all synthetics, just Dusita.
By   - Self employed from san francisco on 8/22/2020
An austere and pleasing fougere, Issara is a subtle, light fragrance that immediately transports you to a bright happy place full of lush greenery and fresh mountain air. The perfume begins with slight notes of pine and sage before moving to a heart that stays throughout the perfume comprised of coumarin, vetiver and tobacco. Finally as it settles, a musky mossy base of musk, amber, oakmoss and woody notes remains with the heart notes hovering in the background. Innovative in the way it redefines the fougere genre, beautiful blending, this is a unisex perfume that mostly stays close to the skin and has moderate longevity. A bit overrated (maybe), a bit too soft, a bit too fleeting, but still so devastatingly beautiful and enjoyable.
By   - Professor  from Charlottesville on 1/22/2019
It's a very complex , rich and well-balanced fragrance. Although it is a unisex type, I find it to be slightly on the masculine side. On my skin it was a combination of pepper, leather and tabacco leaf with an accent of amber. It has a moderate sillage and an outstanding longevity. I found it still lingering on my wrist after 24 hours, it's the extrait de parfum afterall.
By   - teacher from lexington on 11/18/2018
What a divine scent. This is that scent that I had imagined for years but could never find. It balances a deep balanced sweetness with a crisp muskiness that is unlike any other. I would say personally this is more on the masculine side to my nose. Potent enough to smell throughout the day but not overwhelming or headache inducing. A new favorite!
By   - Composer from Los Angeles on 8/7/2018
It smells very regal, very good you would smell like a million bucks. Lasts about 3hrs in good strength and sillage then just a medium radiant skin scent. Use that information in what wear strategy.
By   - None from Nunyaville on 4/12/2018
For years, I have been searching for the Holy Grail of perfumes and this is it. It's a fougère as complex as it is enchanting: a sunlit forest, a hike through the Norwegian countryside, a memory too beautiful to be real. It's adventurous yet warm and familiar, the amber blending perfectly with the pine, juniper, and oakmoss. This is my new signature scent, well worth the steep price tag.
By   - Writer from Greensboro, NC on 7/19/2017
This reminds me of one of the great Ramon Allone cigars from the 1990s. Superb fragrance.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 7/8/2017
Minty, piney tobacco. Very fresh and subtle. I have to apply quite a lot of it. It's not for me at the moment but I understand it's appeal. Would be very nice on a man.
By   - teacher from chi on 5/23/2017
As promised, a unique and appealing spin on fougère -- though where the notes say tobacco and vetiver, I’m getting star anise (and approve of it!). The pine note up top is delightful but moves offstage in a flash; sage picks up the thread and turns out to be a lovely segue into the warm-fresh-hay note that makes up Issara’s expansive, kind heart. So fragrances are almost overwhelming in their specificity -- in this case, it’s late afternoon on my grandparents’ farm, and I am standing by the trees at the edge of the field watching the summer hay being brought in. All is happiness.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/2/2017
...and then Issara happened! I love this fragrance from start to finish it evokes a certain feeling that is indescribable yet such a joy. I am very particular about fragrance and lean more to niche brands. I have to really love it to buy it and I bought this along with Oudh Infini (layer these and it takes you to a whole new level of alluring).
By   - mom from Miami, FL on 2/6/2017
God exists and he made this perfume..he did not create existence itself, but he did create this juice..lol..said a non believer, and lover of fragrances...This is absolute class...it is nature in a bottle!! You do not need those pair of new boots, but you do need this is in your life!!!
By   - Therapist from Brooklyn on 1/16/2017
I absolutely LOVE Issara! After the first application, I knew I would soon be getting a full bottle - it is simply fantastic. This fragrance is complex, yet comfortingly familiar, as the sage, bourbon vetiver, and tonka blend together perfectly to create a sweet and earthy scent. To my nose, it tends to be linear with only a little more of the woodsy amber notes becoming noticeable after a few hours. It has an herbal, clean freshness that is strong in a subtle way, and is reminiscent of the traditional fougère, but in my opinion, much more exciting.
By   - Writer from CA on 12/6/2016
Absolutely fantastic, and well worth the restock wait! The coumarin is very noticeable when first applied and has a very warm, sweetened hay scent with just a bit of pine. The overall effect is very much a warm, summer field, but perfectly unisex. Over time it becomes a little cleaner and has a more recognizable fougere accord, but more like someone shaved in the morning and you can just detect traces of the cream later that night. Quality is outstanding, very soft projection/ sillage, but lasts 12 hours easily on my skin.
By   - CPA-in-Training from Phoenix on 11/12/2016
Issara is heart breakingly beautiful! Lovers of hay, pine, juniper, and ambergris should pull the trigger immediately.
By   - Sales Professional  from Roanoke, VA on 10/15/2016
not what I expected, however very unique scent, nothing like anything I've tried before. I would put it more on a masculine side - vetiver and tobacco are too overpowering for me.
By   - design consultant from toronto on 9/28/2016
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