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Eau de Parfum

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This fragrance provides fresh scent of lime/mint. The advantage of this scent is not only to understand that the aroma is rare to experience, but to understand the strength is remarkable for the price of it. Job well done.
By   - CEO from Minneapolis on 2/16/2021
The Opening is vibrant and quite spectacular all the notes are present then the tobacco, tomato leaf and pink pepper make their presence stronger as the leaders of the pack, then as the dry down progresses I begin to smell the subtle fragrance coming from the cloves and Sage and cedar, licorice, then a sweetness becomes apparent giving a final impression of masculine woodsy aroma projecting confidence and stability and warmth. cant wait to try this on spring evenings and summer nights. I am in love.
By   - Office Manager from San Francisco on 4/23/2019
As you'd gather from the note list above, there's a lot going on her -- definitely an opulent scent (and one that on a young / immature man would possibly cause me to push him into traffic for the greater good). The amber / tobacco / mate thread does a terrific job of not letting citrusy brightness skew the opening, and it all resolves into a lovely green-cedar-sage place by the end of the story.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/31/2016
Frank Los Angeles #1 is a scent which, sorry for the clichè, makes one feel like a million dollars. After years of trying to pinpoint what this enigmatic and special scent reminds me of, I finally realized: it smells like FRESHLY MINTED PAPER CURRENCY!!! This scent is perfect for wearing to business meetings and events when you want people to unconsciously feel that they are subordinate to you. Amazing tool.
By   - Chef and Owner of Oasis TLV from Tel-Aviv on 10/11/2015
I received Frank from the 2014 fall sampler bag. I liked the opening and was looking forward to the dry down from the notes list but all I got was VIOLET. Lots of it for a long time. The licorice didn't help either for me personally.
By  on 10/28/2014
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