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Rose Omeyyade

Eau de Parfum

Rose Omeyyade Sizes Available:
100ml $275
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Rose Omeyyade...
An outstanding fragrance. Excellent longevity & silage to be noticed. Reminding me of Olympic Orchid with its organic, natural and powerful fragrance. If you have ever smelled Blackbird from OO, this is similar but with rose. They both take me on a journey through the same forest, just down different paths. I must admit it's initially ALMOST too strong for me, but it settles so beautifully that I fall deeply in love. I love that this is a rose that doesn't dry down powdery. There isn't a hint of old lady or your grandma here. This is current, fresh and a bit fierce. Made for being worn around your lover or to fall in love with yourself. Note this is my first fragrance from ADO so cannot compare it to anything else they have released.
By   - Gardener and DJ  from Salt Lake City on 7/20/2020
Lots of rose and oud perfumes out there, but what distinguishes this one is is the huge, jammy, berry rose opening. The sillage is big too, at least at the beginning. Frankly it's too much for my taste; I find it overwhelming. I'll stick with Montale Black Oud for a subtler rose-oud combination.
By   - Perfume lover  from Redlands on 10/14/2016
And I love this one too. The rose is my favorite kind, more of a small tea rose, but as in all of the other in this line beautifully blended with the other notes so that it sings out above but never overwhelms. The oud note comes out right after the dry down for me, and having still enough oud to satisfy is the only thing that wouldn't make this even with Lune Feline for my favorite.
By   - Artist  from Englewood Cliffs on 10/8/2016
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