Oriza L. Legrand

Deja le Printemps

Eau de Parfum

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My husband winces when he puts blue cheese on my salad. Smelling it overwhelms him; eating it would be out of the question. I feel this sort of pain with Deja le Printemps. I can’t imagine a scenario in which I would like the smell of this perfume. There is a bizarre toxicity to it. It’s as if someone tried to create the smell of celery using household chemicals and tootsie rolls. However, it is a FASCINATING perfume. It morphs with every sniff. There is a wisp of hay in there that is so ephemeral and gorgeous. I’m not adverse to odd-smelling perfumes. I fantasize about perfumes incorporating the smells of play dough and WD40, but maybe I’m just not cool enough for this one.
By   - potter from Philly on 1/14/2019
Ever so pretty, after that daisy note up top gets out of the way (am I the only one who gets a really horrific smell from daisies?) -- early-spring greenery, thoroughly rain-soaked and accordingly a bit watercolor, with plenty of moss, clover, and lily of the valley.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/14/2017
Oriza never ceases to open my mind to fragrance notes that don't work out for me be it one reason or another. While Chypre Mousse appeals to the side of me that is one half Greek-Cypriot, Deja Le Printemps speaks to my other half from Northern Greece where the landscape is abundantly green in Summertime. The questionable note for me is the fig. I generally find figs to feel sticky and off-putting in fragrance, but not in this fragrance. Deja allows the wearer to experience the fig as I have, plucking a rather large green one off the tree's tempting branches, pulling it apart, and down the hatch it goes! There is nothing synthetic about Deja, and once again, I am awestruck at the unconventional creations of Oriza L. Legrand.
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 8/21/2016
On further study, having sprayed my skin with it as opposed to a smelling strip, I have detected more greenness in this faint but rather pleasant fragrance. I am therefore promoting it to four stars. First impressions are not always everything
By   - Retried doctor from UK on 9/12/2014
If this is springtime, then I'm a Dutchman. If it's Deja le Printemps, I expect to be woken up with a burst of fresh greenery, not struggling to pick up some faint nondescript odour. Je ne comprends pas. The royal nose is not infallible though and it certainly sounds great, so perhaps other reviewers will enlighten me.
By   - Retired Doctor from UK on 8/28/2014
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