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White Peaches

Eau de Parfum

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I was scared to try this because I got a sample of Blueberry Musk at the same time which for whatever reason was truly awful. This one is OK though. Not great as the true "peach note" at the beginning fades very quickly leaving just a generic fruitiness behind but the fruit/elderflower combo is a really nice summer scent. Knocked a star off for price though as these smell like body sprays and last the same so charging $90 USD for something that's comparable to a Bath and Body Works scent is a bit much IMO.
By   - Gardener from Surrey on 5/9/2021
Smells EXACTLY like the green Garnier Fructis.
By   - Professor from San Marcos, TX on 9/9/2020
I dearly love this scent. I used the sample and then ordered a bottle. It smells like when we were children and my Italian grandad (Nonno) would slice peaches and add wine with them for a snack. We would sit under the arbor in the cooling breeze after a hot day and he would tell us stories about the old country. Buy this and let it transport you-!!!
By   - Imstructor from San mateo on 5/20/2019
Sweet Iced White Peach! Definitely fruity but not syrupy or childish; the iced element keeps the scent feeling grown up and sophisticated but still a dash mischievous and FUN. Light but lasting and the dry down is wonderful.
By   - Stylist from Marina Del Rey on 5/10/2019
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