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Blueberry Musk

Eau de Parfum

100ml $90
30ml Eau de Parfum $50
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Blueberry Musk...
What is this?!? Did I get a bad batch? This is genuinely awful. No blueberry, no musk either. Just disgusting musty room with a hint of mold, with a lot of cheap generic fruity body spray spritzed on some pillows to try and cover up the stink. I had to wash it off it legit made me gag.
By   - Gardener from Surrey on 5/9/2021
Blueberry Musk is a lovely eau de parfum that has the strength and sillage of a body mist or body spray. If you have $90 to spend on a body spray I recommend this highly. Is this full bottle worthy? No.
By   - Wrist Sniffer from New York on 7/14/2020
Love this stuff it wears well alone or with other scents. I love it with molecule one. You can really smell the blueberry in this it’s very pretty!!!
By   - Educator  from Dallas on 11/10/2019
I bought this one scent unsmelt. Risky, but it turned out just fine. I totally get blueberry vibes from this especially on first spritz. Then, it settles into the skin and the musk envelops the blueberry. It is sweet, tart, and skin-like all at the same time. Lasts about 6-8hours, and is an all-season scent in my opinion. Sillage is not strong, meaning no one's gonna smell you in the next room. However, those close will notice. Very nice.
By   - CSR from Sumter on 12/14/2016
I was bored with the usual musk scents I wear so I purchased this without sampling and I am totally unrepentant for doing so. I was concerned that it would be too sweet which I detest and that the blueberry would be a disaster when added to musk. Turns out I enjoy this scent more than I thought I would. The blueberry keeps the scent from being a dull run of the mill musk. On my skin it's a little tart, with a little sweet, and the musk keeps it all balanced in the dry down. Not a sultry or sexy scent but very much a casual happy go to scent. The price is another reason to smile about this one.
By   - Account Manager from OKLAHOMA CITY on 9/29/2016
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