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Over the Chocolate Shop

Eau de Parfum


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I don't like it, the chocolate scent didn't match well
By   - Artist from Hong Kong on 10/29/2020
This is way too dark chocolate for me. I love a gourmand, but this fragrance has this really dark Godiva, bitter chocolate. If you like dark chocolate, then this is a fragrance for you.
By   - Student  from Denton on 10/10/2020
I really like the smell of this although it's not very complex on my skin. I smell Chocolate, Amber and Cedar. Smells warm and cozy and a little sexy too!
By   - Pen & Jewelry Maker from Somersworth on 8/23/2019
A delicious "mochachino" fragrance. There is a depth and dryness from the coffee, with possibly an added hint of smokiness and a trace of leather. This is balanced with a light shade of sweetness, and a generous serving of creamy chocolate temptation. A well blended "full bodied" gourmand.
By   - n/a from n/a on 10/3/2018
Truffle is a good description, because my sample has a cocoa smell...not the chocolate, but a dry, high quality cocoa powder. But there's also a sweaty or, ah, "body" undertone to this one, at least to my nose. Not overdone, but there. Some may like that raunchy undertone, but not my thing. Gets 3.7 however for a good dry cocoa and a 3.5 knockdown for that "body" note. Rounded up.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 9/22/2018
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