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This is an orange that's been charred over a cedar wood fire and then ground up in a mortar and pestle with some mint. Admittedly I wouldn't want to wear this as a perfume but if it was a room spray or candles I'd buy dozens.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 2/23/2020
Profumum masters fragrance. I love Antico Caruso and Arso. This one didn’t work for me. I tried to even just like it but cannot. It is just too heavy and deep for a so-called citrus fragrance. It presents a muted but somewhat cloying acidity that does not the reflect the freshness I look for in a citrus focus work.
By   - Pharmaceutical  from Phila on 6/26/2019
too light, behaves like a eau de cologne. why do they name it eau de parfum? orangy lemony very very light skin scent. airy citrus. imagine hearing a song a good song on very low volume. theres no point in it. definitely not with that price also.
By   - none from none on 5/13/2019
So delighted with all of my samples from this house! Orangea is especially graceful and altogether lovely. After a juicy opening it manages to showcase the floral qualities of the bergamot and petitgrain, giving the scent a delicate floral radiance that's like blooming citrus from a distance, under which you can detect a subtle but realistic sense of orange fruit. Mint adds freshness, and the grounding cedar is so gentle you can hardly tell it's there. Effortlessly sensual and easy to love.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 12/4/2018
Wanted badly to love this. Tried two samples of it. There is a big whiff of fake-aquatic for me. Or maybe it is plastic Barbie-doll head. But it stays too long, making this not a choice for me. As always, your experience may vary.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 4/11/2017
I got a sample of Orangea in the wintertime. I dismissed it too easily. Now in the heat of summer, I am enthralled. For me it is the masterful proportion of mint that has me sunk for it. I don't know why orange isn't included in the notes, because the first blast is definitely orange. A deep orange, a true orange. Officially on my list as of today. This from one who has never been a fan of "orange" scents. BTW, totally unisex. I wonder if I could not satisfy my sweet tooth with a dab of AeZ. Hmmm...
By   - Vagabond from The News on 8/20/2016
A beautiful orange blossom fragrance. I was enthralled by this one. Longevity was all day experience. I don't know why it's more expensive than all of the other frag's in the Profumum Roma line, but I want a bottle of Orangea for sure. I'd buy one today, but alas real life takes precedence all too often.
By   - Professional from S.F. on 6/8/2016
Holy shmoly! You need to give it a few minutes to settle, but this is really lovely! Near-perfect on the dry down.
By   - perfume addict from Denver, CO on 4/26/2016
I just love this on initial application. The drydown, however, is something akin to a generic bathroom cleaner smell. No deal.
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 8/28/2015
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