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Perfect name. It transports you to a lush green garden with a few flowering vines on trellises. The current reviews do it justice in terms of the opening, middle, and dry down scents. Buyer beware, on me, the sillage was next to nil from the first moment; after 30 seconds, I had to put my nose literally on my skin to smell it at all; and it was completely gone after an hour. That said, the scent is so beautifully intoxicating, unique, balanced, etc., I am seriously contemplating buying a bottle and putting the liquid into a travel bottle for my purse so i can reapply. I own and regularly use Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde (discontinued), which is in the same genre but a tiny bit more chypre-sharp, more citrus, less green than this.
By   - Lawyer from DC on 9/6/2020
Une odeur d'herbe fraîche au départ. beaucoup de délicatesse dans la composition. Son défaut: ne dure pas plus de 3-4 heures.
By   - Building construction from Cayenne on 1/23/2018
Opens green-floral, then transitions to floral-citrus, then mostly citrus rather quickly. Has a somewhat aquatic nature as well. Seems kind of weak on the projection but that will likely improved when sprayed and applied to clothing. Overall i think this is a well executed italian citrus perfume with just the right amount of nuances to keep it evolving and interesting. On the other hand, it is not unique and there are certainly department store designer scents which do the same thing for much cheaper.
By   - Senior Software Test Specialist from Silver Spring MD on 6/27/2014
What an interesting fragrance! When I first applied this, I was immediately hit by a sharp, green smell. It was almost like biting into bitter lettuce or a leaf from an orange tree. If I had to pin down the opening, I'd say that the bitter notes like bitter orange, green orange, and petitgrain are all right there. The bitterness gave it a slightly dirty feel, like actual dirt in a garden. Whew! I read another review of this scent where someone said it had a "cat spray" note. I sort of agree, but only in that it burns the nose a bit upon initial application in the way a cat's spray would; however, it does not actually SMELL like cat spray. The middle notes were very clean and floral, almost oceanic on me. I didn't get any distinguishable flowers, though, just "floral." The drydown is the most unusual and academic part, like a niche fragrance. When I smell it, the only thing that pops into my head is pencil shavings or a freshly sharpened pencil. Truth be told, it's actually quite pleasant, like a childhood memory. It's a very white, woody smell when you reach the base of the fragrance. While I enjoyed the experience of trying such a different fragrance, it's not one that I'd repurchase.
By   - Artist/Philanthropist from San Diego on 7/18/2011
When I got my sample, I really was excited to smell something so green. Citrus and herbal and just so fresh smelling. I proudly put it on and went over to my dad to smell me and tell me what he thought...."Ugh!" he winces, "It smells like cat p*ss!" Oh my goodness, there is a cat p*ssyness to it, that one doesn't think about until you get the opinion of another. So, I love the smell, but just beware you might be mistaken for a cat lady!
By   - from Los Angeles on 7/15/2011
Finally, a floral garden scent true to its description and worthy of the name! Too often light, green scents translate into mixed herbal salad, or what we hope will smell like breezes over spring blooms are overwhelmed by such sharp green lily - or other harsh floral - notes that any 'live garden' aspects are promptly lost in 'perfume-y'. And I'm very happy the common list toward the kitchen garden is also avoided by the absence of stage-hogging vanillic notes that for some reason, perfumers insist on bundling into the bases of what SHOULD be clean floral fragrances like this one. What remains is a happy day scent that combines green plantings, sweet new blossoms, complemented by tart citrus pith. Depending on your skin type, Jardin du Poete may need to be refreshed every couple hours - but to me, that's a fair trade for losing heavy base and perfume fixative dominance.
By   - from LIC, NY on 7/5/2011
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