Perris Monte Carlo

Tubereuse Absolue

Eau de Parfum

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My first Perris... and I'm impressed! This is absolutely lovely. It's certainly floral, but it's not a soliflore by any stretch. It's a tuberose, 100%, but it's a fresh, clean, green, somewhat spicy (cardamom), almost warm, nearly "safe" but still bold floral blend. Not at all overdone but rather a true, nearly natural smelling derivative of tuberose. To me personally, it's an ideal cross between Hiram Green's 'Moon Bloom', minus the headiness, and Houbigant's 'Fleurs en Orangers', minus the sweetness (which on its own is extremely similar to Serge Luten's Fleur d'Oranger, minus the cumin). If you like either of those, I would say it's a safe bet you'd like this. I really like it!
By   - Finance from LA on 12/30/2017
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