Rose de Taif

Eau de Parfum

by Perris Monte Carlo

Rose de Taif Sizes Available:
100ml $190
2 x 7.5ml Travel atomizers $110
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Rose de Taif...
This rose is pure and unadulterated. Most rose scents I've tried have been really overdone and sickly sweet. This one is fresh. Reminds me of a very specific time and place--extoic, intoxicating.
By   - student  from Denver on 4/17/2018
Although the rose in this fragrance smells true to form, I get a background of cleaner smell from the lemon. Lysol? I can't get past this, it's ruining the rose.
By   - Scent Smeller from Loan angeles on 2/8/2017
The most beautiful rose fragrance ever! i love this fragrance with all my heart!
By   - mom/wife from Los Angeles on 10/23/2016
VERY lovely deep Rose Fragrance! I have some 100% real Bulgarian rose otto perfume and this is a close 2nd:) I was never a rose perfume lover..until I discovered how herbal and deep the rose otto smelled in comparison to all the other regular mass market ones out there.
By   - Seeker of unusual scents from Midwest on 9/4/2016
I've been searching high and low for the perfect rose scent and, for me, this is IT. The initial spritz is stick-nose-right-into a rose with a hint of brightness, the middle intensifies, then softens and the dry down is elegant, soft of the edges, cozy. My 9yo and 4 year old beg for a spray of "the rose".
By   - physical therapist, energy healer from san francisco on 8/17/2016
Goodness, this is such a gorgeous scent. True rose, good staying power (several hours on one spray) and good sillage. As another reviewer noted, it's almost pure rose. I love how it smells but couldn't imagine wearing rose by itself on any regular basis.
By   - Audiologist from Orlando on 3/24/2016
I love this kind of perfume, rose is very rich and opulent, evoke the sense of deep reach rose oil, intoxicating and inviting you to plunge into this fragrant palace.
By   - european from Boca Raton on 12/31/2015
Straightforward rose, almost a soliflore. Too linear alone for me, but this is fabulous layered with Perris Oud Imperial, Patchouli, or Ambre.
By   - writer from Carmel on 9/20/2015
Does what it says on the can -- big lush rose with a slight citrus tang, along with something deeper and more indolic that sort of wanders off after a minute or two. (Which is fine, the impression it gives of the soil around the rose is a nifty layer, but I don't need that forever.) Very well done.
By   - from Seattle on 8/26/2015
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