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Eau de Parfum

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I agree with the reviewer who mentioned this fragrance reminds them "of Amouage's late, great Homage Attar" Rose de Taif gives a very similar impression; the only difference is that this one has some musky, indolic undertones in the early stages, for the first hour or so. A nice rich rose, warm instead of bright, with a soft earthiness. On me, the core rose scent hangs around for a full day of wearing, remains pretty consistent after the initial settling in. This fragrance is definitely going on my wish list. I didn't get any of the lemony or cleaning supply notes other folks have had, so this does seem to be a scent that warrants a "try before you buy" approach
By   - my job from Boston on 12/11/2020
Even rose lovers, try before you buy! starts out quite heady and then I get that same cleaner-scent someone else picked up, to me it's almost citronella. It is a very rosey rose. Lovely but not for my body it turns out.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
Really good true rose scent. The lemon and geranium kick it up a little, as otherwise rose can be too fleeting. These notes make it smell more rose-y, somehow. Like this very much. Pairs really well with chocolate fragrances like Akro Dark.
By   - writer from saratoga springs by on 11/4/2020
This is a gorgeous and luxuriously complex rose that lasts and lasts on me. I am saving up for a FB. Patience my girl.....
By   - Employed from Houston on 10/1/2020
The top note of this reminds me of the opening of a particularly good batch of Amouage's late, great Homage Attar (my full bottle, presumably from a later batch, lacks the opening blast that emanated from my sample) - an impossibly lush rose of surpassing beauty. Here, it's slightly attenuated, but definitely sings luxury and opulence. Soon thereafter, though, it fades, and the drydown is a little perfunctory. The start, though!
By   - Musician from Bethlehem on 1/9/2020
This rose is pure and unadulterated. Most rose scents I've tried have been really overdone and sickly sweet. This one is fresh. Reminds me of a very specific time and place--extoic, intoxicating.
By   - student  from Denver on 4/17/2018
Although the rose in this fragrance smells true to form, I get a background of cleaner smell from the lemon. Lysol? I can't get past this, it's ruining the rose.
By   - Scent Smeller from Loan angeles on 2/8/2017
The most beautiful rose fragrance ever! i love this fragrance with all my heart!
By   - mom/wife from Los Angeles on 10/23/2016
I've been searching high and low for the perfect rose scent and, for me, this is IT. The initial spritz is stick-nose-right-into a rose with a hint of brightness, the middle intensifies, then softens and the dry down is elegant, soft of the edges, cozy. My 9yo and 4 year old beg for a spray of "the rose".
By   - physical therapist, energy healer from san francisco on 8/17/2016
Goodness, this is such a gorgeous scent. True rose, good staying power (several hours on one spray) and good sillage. As another reviewer noted, it's almost pure rose. I love how it smells but couldn't imagine wearing rose by itself on any regular basis.
By   - Audiologist from Orlando on 3/24/2016
I love this kind of perfume, rose is very rich and opulent, evoke the sense of deep reach rose oil, intoxicating and inviting you to plunge into this fragrant palace.
By   - european from Boca Raton on 12/31/2015
Straightforward rose, almost a soliflore. Too linear alone for me, but this is fabulous layered with Perris Oud Imperial, Patchouli, or Ambre.
By   - writer from Carmel on 9/20/2015
Does what it says on the can -- big lush rose with a slight citrus tang, along with something deeper and more indolic that sort of wanders off after a minute or two. (Which is fine, the impression it gives of the soil around the rose is a nifty layer, but I don't need that forever.) Very well done.
By   - from Seattle on 8/26/2015
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