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It's a close call between my preference for Calling All Angels (CAA) or Anubis ... CAA harkens back to Catholic midnight masses, back when those rituals were more hypnotic, mysterious and in Latin. In comparison, Anubis is more evocative of ancient Egypt -- not the stereotype, but what you can actually detect if you are lucky enough to visit the tombs or get near artifacts from that time. On dreary mornings, or when I'm ambivalent, Calling All Angels wins -- the beeswax is somehow more comforting. But when all seems temporarily right with the world, or when a bit of courage is needed, it's Anubis. Both have a primal vibe — no connotations with the normative scents one finds in uppercrust malls.
By   - Professor from Vancouver on 4/10/2021
Grotesquely overpriced for 30 ml of a pleasant, self-consciously artisanal scent, with a dry, melancholic incense-y top note and a honeyed finish. No staying power.
By   - Writer from San Francisco on 2/18/2021
This is a very woodsy/vanilla fragrance and it's very mysterious, masculine, and dark. It comes across as heavy, so I think it's better suited for fall/winter. It doesn't strike me as elegant, so if I did buy it, I'd wear it for casual occasions.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 7/3/2020
I love this scent but I was extremely disappointed that it had zero stamina and required frequent reapplication to maintain any kind of presence. The cost of this scent is high. If you can afford it and don't mind regular refreshments, then I would give it a high recommendation. As for me, I will stick to spending my hard earned money on fragrances that have staying power.
By   - Business manager from Columbus, OH on 12/16/2019
Delicious scent! When wearing this, I am enveloped in a rich atmosphere of resinous bliss. Woody and sweet, while also being resinous and sacred. Agree with the other reviewers who said it creates a calming atmosphere - there is a special vibe to this scent. The fact that it's natural and created with organic alcohol is even more amazing. It has nice projection and sillage as well, truly intoxicating and lovely on me. Great work on the creation of this spectacular perfume!
By   - Technology Specialist from San Francisco on 3/8/2019
Well, it's just about fall again here and time to get out beloved heavier perfumes. This is an absolute favorite. I mix with Bohemiam Spice, also beautiful from april, to create the most serene, calming, reassuring scent imaginable. It's beautiful, deep spice and incense with honey sweeteness. It helps me get through the day and sleep at night. Nothing else like it ever.
By   - Student from Nashville on 9/3/2018
Quick update…. On the spicier, deeper, more resinous side of April Aromatics are some of the most intoxicating, addictive, and soothing scents I have ever experienced. The more I wear bohemian spice, calling all angels, and erdenstern, the more I love them and see them as my guides through the ins and outs of every day. I don’t know how to explain it, I just feel better, calmer, stronger, and more peaceful when I smell them throughout the day. A LOT of expensive perfumes have been boxed up and pushed to the back of my closet because none of them can do justice to Tanja’s collection. These are far more beautiful and healthy.
By   - Student from Nashville on 3/9/2018
Beautiful and deep. I can't tell if I love as much as bohemian spice, but it's really close. Both scents make me calm and grounded. I need that. I feel better wearing them throughout the day, like a suit of secret armor that also happens to smell divine. The description is true, so if you like the notes, you should love this.
By   - Student from Nashville on 3/1/2018
…Once I had experienced the Presence of a Divine Being. They exude special Aroma, like a thousand flowers bloom in a beautiful symphony. But the wonder was… this Aroma stayed with me for 2 weeks. Fragrances by April Aromatics are the most close to that experience. In a way how they make You feel, see and experience reality. “Calling All Angels” opens up the space around You and brings a state of joy, happiness, lightness, the feeling that everything is gonna be just fine! I am sure this is because of the unique frequency that this perfume has, it connects You to the sphere of higher Beings and makes it possible for us to “drink” their atmosphere, that is pure, filled with Love and Joy!
By   - artist from Stamford on 3/21/2017
This is my favorite scent of every perfume I ever sampled. While I hate religion in all forms, I just love the scent of beeswax candles and resinous incense, and that is exacly what Calling all Angels is about. It's so beuatiful, warm and comforting. I love it on its own, and also as a solid base for powdery feminine scents. The scent lingers for a long time, but the base is really kind of animalic and could turn you off... but I admit that I love that animalic note as much as the solemn top notes.
By   - designer from Diessen on 2/19/2017
Instantly in love with this fragrance. Dark and very warm, gentle. The association it evokes in me is of a blend of two experiences: a mid-summer walk in a coniferous forest, when resin on trees is soft and very fragrant; and standing in the ancient wooden church somewhere in rural Europe: semi-dark, quiet, everything smells with wood, labdanum/frankincense and beeswax. A tiny bit of honey too, not pure honey smell from a jar, but the way honey smells when you take out a honeycomb from a beehive. It stayed on me for half a day. The first 3 hours more distinctly, then gradually faded. This is convenient: apply it in the morning, then wear something different for the evening. Or apply early in the evening, by bed-time the scent disappears.
By   - Research from Washington DC on 11/7/2016
Well...I am a beginner reviewer so bare with me. I ordered a handful of samples and am excited to become a perfume connoisseur. I am not a fan of Amber, spicy smells. This one definitely comes on strong, making me almost sick to my stomach and causing a slight headache. However, the heart and base notes were more subdued and soft. It reminded of a warm scent, something to wear in the fall months perhaps. I will never purchase this.
By   - Preschool teacher from Exton on 7/3/2016
I found this to smell of a very strong beeswax candle. Reminds me of wandering through some crafty, potpourri smelling shop with Precious Moment statuettes and inspirational wall plaques. Not the warm, delectable gourmand fragrance I expected it to be based on the description and other reviews.
By   - student on 3/3/2015
I LOVE the scent, it's a beautiful incense that you want to keep smelling on your skin all day long, trouble is, you have to put your nose directly on your skin an hour after applying it. You may as well just be wearing body lotion instead of perfume. I would buy a bottle, just because I love the scent to so much, but so much money for 30mls, and no staying power....Boo Hoo.
By   - Real Estate Agent from Sparta, NJ on 2/20/2015
Dark Incense! Kinda gourmandish also. I have a big crush on this one!
By   - musician from Pensacola on 11/30/2014
Wow. What an unexpected delight this fragrance is. Don't come to it expecting anything light- this is pure smokey wood resin. I was intrigued by the descriptions, so much so that I had to try a sample- and I'm glad I did. I only wish the full size wasn't so prohibitively pricey, though I am starting to think it might be worth saving up for. As wonderful as the reviews and description sounded, I still wasn't prepared for what greeted me as I uncapped my sample and tried it on. I am instantly reminded of a smokey, resinous wood pile crackling on fire, with a handful of frankincense resin thrown in for good measure. Deep, smokey, wood, incense... Like Avignon brought down to earth and sat by a roaring fire. I can't stop smelling my wrist. The smokey burning feel of this scent may be a huge turn-off to some, but on me it is divine. My husband adores it as well, and said he wants to try the sample too. His description was "it smells like a burning church, I love it!" My only complaint, and for the pricetag I guess it's a considerable complaint- it doesn't seem to last long. Since I applied a couple hours ago it has been steadily fading since.
By  on 10/31/2014
I absolutely love this and have just placed my order for a full bottle. I can't stop sniffing myself when I wear it. It is just divine.
By  on 10/22/2014
I tried a sample on a whim. It smells like when you walk into one of those Tibetan stores in Boulder, CO. Like you're wearing incense. Period. It didn't quite smell like that initially, but after about five minutes, it did and didn't change after that. If you like that, then this should work for you. I didn't get it.
By  on 10/20/2014
No doubt, a beautifully blended perfume. Sadly (for me), it's fleeting. Two hours, tops. During that time, the spices fade and the incense amps. I do love the beeswax and honey blending, but for the price, I need more than two hours. I have also tried the Bohemian Spice and find it to be a bit longer lasting and the same masterful blend without the incense.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 10/18/2014
Another adoring reviewer here! This is really beautiful and much more complex than other natural perfumes I have tried. The incense and wood are subtly sweetened with the vanilla and honey. It is perhaps a little on the feminine side, but not cloying in the least.
By   - from Saint Paul on 9/12/2014
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