Luca Maffei

Country: Italy

The son of a fragrance executive, Luca Maffei grew up surrounded by sample vials and in the company of many of late 20th century perfumery's most famous names, including Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Dominique Ropion, and Michel Almairac. Originally a business student looking to start a fragrance company, Luca soon decided that the creative side was where his passions lay, and moved to Grasse at age 22 to study under Françoise Marin, the former director of the Roure perfume school. After an apprenticeship in France and a top 5 finish in Esxence's Scent of Excellence competition for rising perfumers under 30, he returned to Italy to start working with brands including Perris Monte Carlo, Masque and Gabriella Chieffo.

Luca Maffei perfumer image
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