Winter Palace

Eau de Parfum

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Winter Palace is an exceptionally beautiful fragrance. Firstly, the packaging is the most beautiful bottle I've ever seen! Secondly, the scent is soft, fairly light, and fresh. There's definitely a citrus note but it is balanced by the richness of the tea and the warmth of the vanilla. All in all, it is really beautiful. I've been wearing it recently in the oppressive heat of August. I can also envision wearing this scent in winter because there's an almost bracing quality to it. Rather than wear a spicy or sweet scent as is so common in the colder months, I think this could be a nice change. I purchased a full bottle of it and am very very pleased I did so!
By   - Historian from London on 8/25/2020
This is lovely in the opening, and if it would stay in that character I would want it for real, But once the citrus and mate are not so much in charge, this became just too generic on me. Also, not as strong as I would like. If you like the notes, try it, as it might last longer on someone else, and many prefer lighter scents, just not me...
By   - writer from Chicagl on 6/25/2019
Really gorgeous. Very, very similar to L'Artisan Tea for Two. However, Tea for Two is quite smoky while this one is more citrusy/spicy. A perfect warmer month alternative and just different enough that I can justify having both. My only issue is that it seems to have good longevity on clothes but not as much on skin.
By   - Painter from Va on 6/11/2019
Wow. I purchased a bottle of this upon a visit to Neiman Marcus for a Guerlain fragrance. I don't normally impulse buy, but I adore this fragrance. It's a beautiful spring/summer fragrance. It opens up with beautiful citrus notes and dries down to a sweet ambery tea. Absolutely beautiful. My husband likes this one on me.
By   - Service from Dallas on 6/2/2019
I've tried most frags by Memo and I think they're doing some great things. Winter Palace seems much more restrained than most Memo frags. I get a lovely fresh note followed by a beam of sweet floral citrus berries. This reminds me of Guerlain Winter Delice, but with a more quiet sweet note. Lasts a long time-- I could still smell it the day after using. Perhaps a bit too sweet for most men, but give it a try.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 5/29/2019
Oh this is fun! I confess I didn't detect bergamot or citrus, or vanilla -- mostly just warm, dry, ambery woods and mellow incense. Not really so different or better than some other ambery woodsy scents -- but as good as the better ones and very bright and light. Good longevity, too. I like it!
By   - bureaucrat from berkeley on 5/17/2019
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