Winter Palace

Eau de Parfum

Winter Palace Sizes Available:
75ml $295
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Winter Palace...
This is lovely in the opening, and if it would stay in that character I would want it for real, But once the citrus and mate are not so much in charge, this became just too generic on me. Also, not as strong as I would like. If you like the notes, try it, as it might last longer on someone else, and many prefer lighter scents, just not me...
By   - writer from Chicagl on 6/25/2019
Really gorgeous. Very, very similar to L'Artisan Tea for Two. However, Tea for Two is quite smoky while this one is more citrusy/spicy. A perfect warmer month alternative and just different enough that I can justify having both. My only issue is that it seems to have good longevity on clothes but not as much on skin.
By   - Painter from Va on 6/11/2019
Wow. I purchased a bottle of this upon a visit to Neiman Marcus for a Guerlain fragrance. I don't normally impulse buy, but I adore this fragrance. It's a beautiful spring/summer fragrance. It opens up with beautiful citrus notes and dries down to a sweet ambery tea. Absolutely beautiful. My husband likes this one on me.
By   - Service from Dallas on 6/2/2019
I've tried most frags by Memo and I think they're doing some great things. Winter Palace seems much more restrained than most Memo frags. I get a lovely fresh note followed by a beam of sweet floral citrus berries. This reminds me of Guerlain Winter Delice, but with a more quiet sweet note. Lasts a long time-- I could still smell it the day after using. Perhaps a bit too sweet for most men, but give it a try.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 5/29/2019
Oh this is fun! I confess I didn't detect bergamot or citrus, or vanilla -- mostly just warm, dry, ambery woods and mellow incense. Not really so different or better than some other ambery woodsy scents -- but as good as the better ones and very bright and light. Good longevity, too. I like it!
By   - bureaucrat from berkeley on 5/17/2019
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