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White Sandalwood

Perfume Concentrate

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Here's what other people are saying about White Sandalwood...
This does what we wish those funky sandalwood oils at the natural food store did — delivers all the wonderful complexity of the very best oils but with longevity and waft. I'm adding just a touch to my beloved Tauer Coeur du Desert for a little more depth and exotic ambiance. Divine and FBW for me. New signature scent.
By   - Editor from Boulder on 3/10/2020
Luckyscent's write-up of White Sandalwood is a perfect description! I will add that though this perfume is not in your face, it lets it be known that it's there. Wonderfully done and FBW.
By   - retired from Manchester on 1/16/2019
Lovely! This would make a perfect signature scent for daily wear. It wears beautifully. I agree with the other reviewers descriptions....natural skin smell, natural smelling, soft....
By   - Perfume lover from VA on 8/7/2018
Absolutely beautiful scent. Clean, soft and natural smelling. Love it!
By   - Retired from SW Florida on 4/27/2018
Just ordered a sample of this. It dries down to a really subtle and beautiful sandalwood. It's very gentle, like a part of a natural skin smell. Ordering a big bottle.
By   - artist from Eugene on 4/15/2018
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