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Amber Kiso

Eau de Parfum

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I ordered a sample a year ago- I absolutely hated it. I was expecting much more amber, I don’t get much here at all. I reached for it again only because I had a date at an edgy bar, then was hitting up the local witch shop after~ thought it would be fitting for the occasion . I absolutely loved the way I smelled all day, I couldn’t get enough. I wanted something dark & mysterious, and it definitely delivered. On me this is a very smoky leather w/ a little bit of cheap ( not gonna lie ) incense. I kept testing it out for a week juuuust in case.. but it turns out I came to really like this one!
By   - N/A from Denver on 8/11/2021
I am a big fan of this house, and while Amber Kiso is certainly their type of fragrance, it is way too strong for me. Too smoky. Like Cowboy Grass, it doesn't develop well on my skin. Like I can only smell one note--vetiver in Cowboy Grass and smoky wood here. There is an element of subtlety that seems like it's missing. I would really suggest sampling.
By   - Self employed from San Francisco on 8/22/2020
Perfect scent! A woody spiciness that has no interest in leaving your body. Incredible.
By   - Sales from Minneapolis on 3/22/2020
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