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Tried a sample, then ordered a full bottle. I love incense fragrances but most are too heavy for me to wear. On me, Tokyo is a creamy, slightly sweet incense with a hint of citrus. A favorite - I find myself reaching for this one frequently.
By   - Consultant from Dallas on 1/12/2019
I am looking for yuzu scent for a while. This sounded like that could be it. I get a brief initial note of citrus and black pepper, immediately followed by a cardamom bomb. Not a soft, citrusy spice, but an acrid, intensely chemical cardamom that remains present for a long time. There is no development of any other notes, maybe some nutmeg towards the end. I didn’t get any of the incense or woods in the dry down. Could be just my skin chemistry, but I would definitely try this one first before buying.
By   - HR  from T.R. on 10/19/2018
This fragrance sounded unique and exciting based on the description, but sadly when I tried it, it smelled to me like a generic men’s department store fragrance. Scrubber for me.
By   - Misc  from Los angeles on 9/11/2018
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