D.S. and Durga

El Cosmico

Eau de Parfum

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I'm laughing at the desert people below, 'NOT MY DESERT'. There *is* something atmospheric to this on me, it reminds me more of high plains (let's say eastern colorado) than the far southwest. A little piney and almost a very faded Sprite-like note which I suspect is the sumac. I like this as a middle-of-nowhere scent.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/12/2020
A strong woods scent that exuberates a power stance. I appreciate this scent as well as the line of fragrance from D.S Durga. I was hoping for a more aromatic scent as well but didn't receive that.
By   - President from Minneapolis on 6/7/2019
This scent is absolutely and wonderfully unique. It's very difficult to explain the addiction I have to the high spicy notes and lingering pine/cedar/mesquite. Unless you're just opposed to being unique and awesome, BUY THIS. You'll not regret it.
By   - Dude from Martinez on 1/23/2019
It smells like a wicker gift basket. I've lived in the southwest my entire life (Mojave desert). I didn't personally feel that this scent captures the essence of the desert as it set out to achieve. I've taken many a hike through the desert and know the various smells and associations for this part of the country. El Cosmico is not an offensive scent, but it isn't a very captivating one either. Wearing this, you'll probably just smell like you've been hanging out in the wicker basket aisle at your local Michael's craft store.
By   - perfume collector from Las Vegas on 11/15/2017
This is a lovely scent, but I grew up in the desert and this doesn't smell like desert. On me it's one note: cedar. I love cedar, and this is a clear, dry, pure cedar. Not too soapy or harsh, no eau de hamster bedding here. Just lovely, pure cedar. Right after application it had some faint funkiness, maybe the sumac? But it dried down very quickly to cedar. I'm surprised since other D.S. and Durga fragrances I've tried are more complex and weird. Huh! I'll enjoy my sample but I'm not likely to purchase the whole bottle. Still, four stars. It's a nice scent, unlikely to offend anyone (except perhaps those with unresolved pet rodent trauma). I can easily wear this to the office without worrying I'm blowing everyone away.
By   - bureaucrat from San Francisco on 11/8/2017
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