D.S. and Durga

White Peacock Lily

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about White Peacock Lily...
I really enjoy this one, I'm not *quite* sure that I like it more than Byredo's Inflorescence, which is a similar creamy lily of the valley kind of thing and one of my all time favs. I wish this had something spicy or smoky (ashes?) or even just a gentler benzoin instead of the vanilla.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/15/2020
This smells very green almost fruit like but I just don't see the wow factor on my skin. Maybe it will be different for you? Sample..
By   - Account services  from Omaha on 6/8/2018
One of the most glorious perfumes this obsessed perfumista has encountered.
By   - Author from Houston on 12/4/2016
By   - GBH from Lancaster on 11/30/2016
Absolutely beautiful, like all the best of lily without any of the overpowering qualities. Lily with the hard edges knocked off. I kept getting whiffs of it throughout a busy, long, bureaucratic work day. It kept me going with little bursts of olfactory pleasure.
By   - Perfume enthusiast from Newcastle upon Tyne on 8/18/2016
This perfume has a dreamy quality to it... that perfect jasmine that smells neither of a Hindu temple nor an old lady, but of a tropical garden in the moonlight. It has less of a fog quality and more of a faint minerality, like the backbone of a great Pinot Grigio. Creamy and complex. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist. This one is going on the wishlist.
By   - retail management from Los Angeles, CA on 8/6/2016
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