D.S. and Durga


Eau de Parfum

D.S. Sizes Available:
50ml $350
0.7ml sample $10
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Here's what other people are saying about D.S....
Ok, I got this as a sample for my husband. Didn't think anything of it really. When he picked me up for dinner, as I got in the car I smelled the most divine and beautiful scent EVER. I was like WHAT IS THAT? Well, DS by DS&Durga sample of course. This is a lady-killer. It is so much more refined, and approachable than some of the Oudh forward fragrances out there. This is absolutely one of THE best date night fragrances for men.
By   - ** from TX on 1/1/2020
This release is nothing short of hypnotic. Gardenia and Frangipani take center stage radiating a soft, sweet, floral aura while Kashmiri saffron wafts its savory presence against the delicacy of the florals. Lush rose absolute, and yellow lotus sing in the heart, while a touch of agarwood deepens its song. Vetiver, Musc Ambrette, and creamy Sri Lankan sandalwood lend a perfectly balanced earthy base. In short- I am head over heels in love. This is the Gardenia I’ve longed for. The billowing of childhood memories. The love of my mother. The beauty, tenderness, and fragility of my wedding bouquet warmed under the tropic sun. Romantic, Enchanting, Exotic - Exquisitely Intoxicating... D.S. - "The One".
By   - Program Manager from Washington, DC on 4/12/2019
It surely delivered on everything it described, just wasn't the summer scent I was looking for, I'll save it for fall and winter. I do genuinely appreciate the longevity of DS Durga perfumes, I am always amazed at how long they last without breaking down into something far from the first spray.
By   - Scientist from Athens on 4/8/2019
A superb return to form for DSD with this intoxicatingly beautiful Floriental, this is a haunting and transportive experience that takes you straight to the beautiful palace gardens of exotic Indian places like Udaipur. The perfume opens with notes of frangipani, saffron and gardenia. The heart is comprised of rose, lotus and Oud. The perfume settles into a most beautiful powdery base of Mysore sandalwood, vetiver and musk mallow. One of the best creations from this house, this is a regal haunting experience that is essential for all lovers of exotic Orientals. Unisex with moderate sillage and excellent longevity. One of the best recent modern Oriental releases. Enjoy!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/27/2019
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