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Eau de Parfum

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I did not like this one on my own skin—too masculine—but it's nice on the guy. Light, piney-peppery citrus. Pretty, soft, masculine.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/14/2020
I'm sucked~in to the snake root. Hiccup. Slightly soapy but very appealing lime bubbly. Deft mixology but it needs to at least stay up with me for more than a half hour. Instead of this spritz and dash wham bam. No I won't bank roll a cabana boy stripper.
By   - Smoke Collector from Princeville on 7/20/2019
A masculine, understated and minimalist beauty, this fragrance is designed to evoke the aura of the mountaineers of the 1800s who cut through mountain trails to trap beavers. The aura is right on as the perfume has notes of wild bergamont, pine, cedar, snakeroot and a hint of castoreum, lending it a slight animalic touch. Fresh and lightly radiant this is an energizing scent that has a quiet resilience and personality. Moderate sillage and projection. Beautifully composed and can be worn in almost any setting without having to raise any eyebrows.
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 3/27/2019
I love this brand, but this was kind of a bummer for me. I wanted more castoreum out of it, but I mostly got a soft frankincense with some citrus. I already own several similar fragrances, and I bought this on a whim hoping it would bring something new to the table, but it still wasn't different enough. I will keep it though, as I love these types of fragrances anyway. I gave it 3 stars because it's good quality and nice for what it is, especially if this type of scent is new to your nose, but I couldn't give it more because there are similar ones that I actually do admire more.
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 12/10/2018
This was one I had to consider over a period of time. I have been overwhelmed with sweet girly florals, fruits and powders at my place of work lately. I tend to prefer unisex scents with bergamot and lime notes. I wasn't sure if I would be able to pull off such a piney scent, but as it turns out it's exactly what I was looking for. I also own "coriander" from ds and Durga, and it similarly fulfills my unisex preferences. Freetrapper is a bit bolder, but the pine is fresh and lightly sweet.
By   - Bar manager from San Francisco on 4/9/2016
Cedar, pine, a little smoke, a little soap - very aromatic and bracing. In the colder months this was warm and comforting. Now that the weather has heated up, it's delightfully refreshing. Leans masculine, but only because I associate this kind of pine with lumberjack men. Really the antidote to overpowering generic colognes.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 5/8/2015
Smells like cedar and a little pine with amazing orange overtones. I thought the castoreum would be more apparent given the name and story of the fragrance, but it's pushed way in the background to give depth and weight. Overall, not a heavy scent though. Easily worn year round. The orange reminds me a lot of the Orange in Mandy Aftelier's Oud Laban. Love this brand.
By  on 4/11/2015
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