Orto Parisi



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this line already impresses me and i love deep sexy warm spicy scents yes even in summer. oh THIS ONE has me hooked already. warm. not overpowering. just down right sexy. no words. all i can say is.. i keep sniffing my wrist . makes me feel cozy and happy. please try a sample..
By   - agent from st pete on 8/14/2020
An Italian explained to me that the name (black mouth in Italian) comes from eating dark chocolate, which is one of the many tantalizing aromas that sweep across your skin as it dries down. Dark chocolate, peppery, musky...sexy, intoxicating, and very much an oriental that is meant to make a seductive statement on men or women. I love this fragrance.
By   - Educator from Sherman Oaks on 11/12/2017
it's good
By   - Paper Pusher  from Sacramento on 10/22/2017
All aesthetic wealth exhibits itself in subtlety. And this whispers an affluence of character. Deep and smooth.
By   - Prose Poet from Boston on 3/28/2016
Starts off rich and smooth. Settles in to a subtle spicy. A full fragrance without being pushy. A excellent dark.
By   - Prose Poet from Boston on 3/27/2016
Excellent frangrance. I get positive comments from men and women.
By   - Dentist from Clemmons on 10/14/2015
comes on as grilled peanut butter sandwich and softens to a wood infused pb. so interesting but not actually wearable
By   - professor from l.a. on 2/13/2015
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